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Teaser Footage of Skydio 2 Flying Backward at Full Speed

BY Isabella Lee
27 August 2019

Skydio 2 has been confirmed, and new test footage from the drone has us really geared up for the launch.

Last month, Skydio announced that they’ve got something new coming this fall. Their tongue-in-cheek remark on Twitter, “If you’re thinking of buying a drone, wait,” confirmed a new drone is in the works, and it will be worth waiting for. Now we have an idea of what we can expect of Skydio 2 thanks to test footage uploaded on YouTube.

Skydio 2 test footage 0728

Skydio 2 Test Footage Amps Up Aerial Videographers for New Possibilities

In the video, we see cinematic drone footage showcasing impressive obstacle avoidance and maneuverability. The drone maneuvers smoothly around obstacles, making 360 degree turns at full speed, avoiding trees and following a biker through a forest trail.

The perspective captured in the video also implies that Skydio 2 will be able to fly backward. Flying backward is a challenge for drone pilots since you lose sight of what is in front of you and have to mentally shift gears while manipulating the controls (when the drone is facing you the controls are all switched). The perspective shown in the Skydio 2 test footage would have traditionally been captured by reversing the video in post-production or by mounting the camera on the drone backward. However, Skydio confirmed that the footage was not reversed nor sped up. The drone is, in fact, flying backward.

Skydio is known for its autonomous drones that fly themselves. The Skydio 2 will take advantage of the same artificial intelligence, computer vision, and advanced robotics technology we’ve seen from the company before,  enabling it to follow you while capturing amazing, cinematic 4K video.

Raising the Bar from Skydio R1

In an email, Skydio stated that the Skydio 2 will be “the culmination of everything we’ve learned from our first drone and all of the feedback we’ve received from our first customers.”

We’ve listened closely and worked tirelessly to build something that truly redefines what a drone can do, opening up new possibilities in aerial video.

—Statement from Skydio

The Skydio R1 is an autonomous camera drone that captures stabilized 4K video. It got some pretty rave reviews for its follow-me and obstacle avoidance features. With the Skydio 2, we can expect an even higher level of performance based on the footage and statements Skydio has released so far. The company hasn’t shared any detailed specs yet, but we’ll post an update as soon as one’s available.

How would the Skydio 2 change the way you capture aerial footage? Chime in on this thread on our community forum.

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