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Reality Analytics Unveils Tools to Advance Drone-Based Mapping Technologies

BY Alan Perlman
6 October 2015

Startup Emerges Stealth with Products using AI on Sensor Data

LAS VEGAS (October 4, 2015) – Commercial UAV Expo, Las Vegas, Nev. – Reality Analytics, Inc. today announced UAV Sensor RevolutionTM, a set of tools for drone companies and operators to detect and classify terrain, identify ground features and calculate key measures. These tools were originally created for the US Army Corps of Engineers, and will now be available to the commercial UAV market. Reality Analytics uses patented, advanced artificial intelligence techniques to help connected devices make sense of the physical world. The company emerged from stealth mode this week with the announcement of its first product at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The functions of UAV Sensor Revolution can be implemented into analytical platforms provided by drone operators, or incorporated into programs built by end users of data. With these tools, companies will be able to accurately map and analyze terrain and surface features more accurately and efficiently, allowing for reduced costs and avoidance of unexpected challenges on the ground. Reality Analytics is now actively recruiting beta test users for the new product in advance of its release in 2015.

Reality Analytics was formed as a successor to SR2Group LLC, a firm engaged primarily in research and development for the intelligence and defense communities. SR2 developed several highly specialized algorithms for interpreting point cloud, image, multispectral and hyperspectral data for UAV programs run by the United States Department of Defense, among others. Reality Analytics will take these technologies and apply them to commercial applications, beginning with UAVs working in industrial, agricultural, construction and natural resource industries.

“This is a natural extension of our work in defense applications to customers in rapidly evolving industries worldwide,” said Jeffrey Sieracki, Chief Technology Officer of Reality Analytics. “Commercial operators face a number challenges that subtle terrain and ground feature recognition approaches don’t solve. Our technology provides an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy in this space, and is flexible to implement.”

“This will be the first of many products from Reality Analytics,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO, “including offerings that target wearables and the Internet of Things. Our algorithms work with an incredibly broad range of sensor inputs, and over time you can expect us to be active everywhere there’s a sensor.”

ABOUT REALITY ANALYTICS: Reality Analytics, Inc. is a software company with offices in New York, NY and Columbia, MD, dedicated to making sense of the physical world thru application of advanced artificial intelligence techniques to sensor inputs. For more information, visit or email

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