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Scholar Farms Releases New Masterclass for Rapid Response Drone Data—Learn How to Overcome the “Drone Data Bottleneck”

BY Isabella Lee
5 February 2019

Starting today, a new, online masterclass is available for drone data analysts and organizations wishing to improve their data analysis results, especially in emergency and disaster scenarios. The class, Rapid Response Drone Data, teaches students how to capture and process drone data quickly during an emergency or disaster.

Scholar Farms Rapid Response Drone Data

The course is available through Scholar Farms and is instructed by Dr. Greg Crutsinger—researcher, academic, certified drone pilot, and founder of the company. Dr. Crutsinger is also a good friend of the UAV Coach team and an alumnus of our Part 107 test prep course, Drone Pilot Ground School. We often vouch for his expertise and the quality of the programs he offers at Scholar Farms.

About the Rapid Response Drone Data Masterclass at Scholar Farms

Dr. Crutsinger built this latest masterclass to meet the growing needs of agencies and organizations that are adopting drone technology but find it hard to achieve the data results they need during high-pressure situations such as storms, earthquakes, and wildfires.

“Anyone who has worked on a drone team during one of these disasters realizes pretty fast that drone hardware and safe piloting are only part of the job. The major bottleneck is in dealing with the huge volume of information being produced,” Dr. Crutsinger explained.

You may already have the hardware and flight and safety operations dialed in. The next step is knowing what to do when the drones have landed and the SD cards are full. This is where a lot of teams hit the drone data bottleneck, and it can be overwhelming. Rapid Response Drone Data will put you at the ready to manage drone data in emergency and disaster scenarios, and overcome the “data bottleneck.”

With over 100 video lectures covering theory, practical applications, and lessons learned from the field, this class can help teams process large amounts of drone data more effectively so they can act with speed and precision during emergencies.

In full, students who sign up for the class will have access to:

  • 100+ video lectures that provide in-depth training on rapid-data analysis
  • Software tutorials designed around off-the-shelf drone hardware and mapping software
  • Example datasets and labs that provide hands-on experience in data processing
  • Downloadable checklists and guides that cover everything from pre-planning for a disaster to options for hardware/software

The course is designed for all skill levels and does not require drone ownership.

For a limited time, UAV Coach readers can purchase the class with a discount. Use the code UAVCOACH2019 for $50 off the tuition when you sign up. This offer is only available for the first 100 members of the UAV Coach community that sign up and is good until March 1, 2019.

Who is This Class For?

This class is ideal for government agencies, nonprofits, public safety teams, first responders, and volunteer drone pilots. It was built for a broad audience across a range of skill levels. You could be a part of a public safety team, a coordinating agency, a first responder, a drone trainee, or a volunteer drone pilot who wants to assist their community when it really counts.

Rapid Response Drone Data is just what it says….it’s all about the data. Students will learn how to plan, capture, process, and deliver drone results as fast as possible under stressful conditions.

Rapid Response Drone Data was built to train a new generation of drone data analysts how to coordinate, capture, process, and deliver drone data to all stakeholders involved as swiftly as possible.

—Dr. Greg Crutsinger, Founder, Scholar Farms

This class isn’t your standard drone training. It’s not meant to teach you how to fly a drone manually, FAA guidelines, or how to get your Part 107. If you’re looking for resources to help you master these beginner skills, check out Drone Pilot Ground School.

Rapid Response Drone Data is best suited to students who are ready to implement solutions for their teams experiencing a bottleneck with large amounts of drone data. In the class, you’ll learn about the methods and tools needed to process all that data rapidly.

A Drone Data Class Inspired by Real-World Experience

Dr. Crutsinger used much of his own experience in drone data analysis to design the class. He has coordinated drone data capture and processing for inter-agency public safety drone teams for three of the most devastating wildfires in California history. Much of the class material is built from his own experiences and lessons learned while drone mapping in the aftermath of the California wildfires.

Greg Crutsinger CA Wildfires Drone Data

Deputy Sheriff Rick Hassna, chief pilot for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, had this to say about the course instructor: “Greg has worked right alongside our team during these devastating wildfires, keeping a level head and applying all his skillset from his industry and academic experience to assist the impacted communities in Northern California. He is one of the best out there to train on the data side.”

Sign up for the Rapid Response Drone Data masterclass at Scholar Farms.

If you’ve taken a class with Scholar Farms in the past, or if you plan to take this class on UAV Coach’s referral, make sure to share your experience with us our community forum.

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