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PrecisionHawk Announces PrecisionAnalytics Energy, a Complete Aerial Mapping, Modeling, and Inspection Platform

BY Isabella Lee
1 May 2019

Enterprise markets now have a more efficient way to inspect their assets and analyze data in large quantities—whether inspecting thousands of oil well pads or hundreds of thousands of utility towers.

During AUVSI XPONENTIAL this week, PrecisionHawk announced PrecisionAnalytics Energy, a complete aerial mapping, modeling, and inspection platform that uses the latest generation of artificial intelligence and machine intelligence to automate analysis of aerial data.

PrecisionAnalytics Energy

PrecisionHawk is one of the largest sources of drone operators in world, with 150-plus full-time drone pilots and more than 15,000 drone service providers in their drone pilot network. They are also one of the only UAV services companies that can fly BVLOS – extending the reach of how far pilots can fly to collect data.

By working closely with so many enterprise clients during the data capture phase, we have learned a tremendous amount about what they need to be successful…they need a more efficient way to inspect their assets and analyze data. PrecisionAnalytics is that solution — utilizing advanced AI and machine learning to address the complexities of the energy enterprise.

— Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk

Using drones, enterprises are capturing an unprecedented volume of aerial data. Certified drone pilots deploy visual, thermal, LiDAR, or multispectral sensors to collect data over assets such as distribution poles, utility towers, and solar panels. As part of a complete aerial data solution, PrecisionAnalytics can be used to collect the data, process and analyze the data, and turn it into actionable insights. Reports summarize analysis and machine learning can surface trends in a group of assets over time.

The Value of Aerial Data Collection and Automated Data Analysis in the Energy Sector

The PrecisionAnalytics platform will have tremendous value in the energy, utility, renewables, and oil and gas markets. PrecisionHawk says customers can expect cost reductions up to 80% and dramatic improvements in safety in the field when they use the platform.

PrecisionAnalytics Energy Inspection

Through the company’s work with enterprise clients, PrecisionHawk has found that aerial data collection and automated data analysis can provide solutions for five distinct energy markets:

  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Oil and Gas

Cost and safety solutions for all five of these markets can be obtained with PrecisionAnalytics Energy:

1. PrecisionAnalytics — Distribution

Ground teams via today’s traditional manner of inspection typically find that 10% of distribution poles are out of compliance. In contrast PrecisionHawk, on average, found that the number is typically between 25%-30%. PrecisionAnalytics Distribution is a cloud-based system that uses machine learning to automate the identification of distribution pole and component damage. It cross-references the uploaded imagery against distribution pole data and flags issues, producing a collection of imagery prioritized by asset health.

2. PrecisionAnalytics — Transmission

With PrecisionAnalytics Transmission, utilities can replace dangerous helicopter inspections, reducing inspection costs by up to 28%, and gain unprecedented insight into the condition of assets. The platform applies machine vision to identify areas of concern such as cracked insulators, corrosion or structural issues, and aggregates collected data to provide infrastructure statistics, vegetation maps, detailed views, and historical record keeping. For one top 50 American utility, PrecisionHawk’s drone services increased the areas of concern identified by 42%.

3. PrecisionAnalytics — Wind

Using PrecisionAnalytics Wind, some of the world’s leading turbine OEMs and servicers have reduced climbs—today’s traditional manner of inspection—by 50% and the cost of their inspections by 80%. PrecisionAnalytics Wind offers intuitive reporting features and AI-driven change detection that can identify issues such as leading-edge corrosion, lightning strike damage, small cracks and wearing, gel coat degradation and UV radiation damage on an entire fleet or a particular blade. With PrecisionAnalytics Wind, turbine operators can reduce hazardous man hours, accelerate analysis, reduce time-to-value of data and increase uptime through preventative maintenance.

4. PrecisionAnalytics — Solar

PrecisionAnalytics Solar can measure the condition of an entire fleet or a single module. With purpose-built machine learning, the platform detects issues such as cell-level defects, bad diodes, reverse polarity, storm damage, rack shifts, and foreign objects. Users of PrecisionAnalytics Solar can integrate the solution with their existing asset management program, reducing the time required to conduct inspections—today, traditionally done by plane flyovers or by foot—by up to 90%, identifying up to 10 times as many issues and predicting future outages so that they can prioritize needed repairs.

5. PrecisionAnalytics — Oil and Gas

Oil and gas supermajors are using PrecisionAnalytics to replace dangerous manned aircraft inspections with drone deployments and hours of tedious image review with machine intelligence, ultimately gaining unprecedented insight into the condition of critical assets.

The solution offers leading thermal, infrared and LiDAR sensors, a methane detection laser and optical gas indicators that can capture asset conditions at a single point of time. With geospatial data that does not compromise the assets themselves, managers can integrate with existing enterprise resource planning systems, report their findings and take action.

Now available to the public, PrecisionAnalytics has been adopted and deployed across multiple energy enterprises. More information about the solution can be found at

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