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Meet Nixie, a ‘Wearable’ Drone

BY Alan Perlman
13 October 2014
Introducing Nixie: the first wearable camera that can fly

Nixie, set your camera free.

There are moments we want to share and remember. Imagine a camera that goes past your arm’s reach. Imagine a camera that gives you a new perspective. Imagine a camera that follows you. Imagine a camera that sets you free.

Introducing Nixie, the wearable camera that flies on command.

Nixie is the first wearable and flyable camera that you carry on your wrist like a watch. Unfold the flexible bands, and Nixie is ready for take-off. Nixie is for anyone who wants to capture and share a new perspective on their adventures.

Nixie, set your camera free.

At the time of this post, Nixie is still in development. You can sign up to receive company updates on their website,

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