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Meet Aviator, The Professional Drone Pilot’s Hub

BY Alan Perlman
11 October 2015

Aviator launches a platform to fill the need of professional drone pilots getting found, booked and paid by clients.


aviator profile

A fully-featured dashboard helps you strengthen the credibility of your profile. You can maintain your drone fleet, log historical flights, and discuss a project’s scope with potential clients. The payment processing is also handled for you, so that you always get paid and can focus on what matters.

“I realized that drone regulation in the name of aviation safety is a larger topic than anticipated. Aviator fully endorses that and I have a mission to make it the premier marketplace where clients can request drone services and be assured that their pilot operates safely.” – Matt Hagemann, Founder.

aviator map

Whether a real estate agent wants to showcase a property, a company requires regular inspection of infrastructure, or a farm wishes to optimize its crop yield, a local drone pilot has them covered. Relevant details like flight experience and pricing are laid out transparently:

Creating an account on Aviator is free. It is currently in beta and welcomes your thoughts and feedback to build features that you crave for.

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