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First Ever Voice-Controlled Drone, Mantis Q, Announced by Yuneec Also Offers Facial Detection and Longest Flight Time Among Competitors

BY Isabella Lee
15 August 2018

Voice control capabilities are on the rise in many tech products, now including drones. On August 14, 2018, Yuneec, the world leader in electric aviation, announced the first ever voice-controlled drone.

Thanks to Yuneec, we can add a new name to the list of sophisticated, voice-controlled products—Mantis Q, the latest extension of Yuneec’s award-winning consumer drone lineup. Mantis Q might not update your calendar like Siri, put on your playlist like Alexa, or give you driving directions like Google, but it will take a photo or begin recording video with a simple voice command. The ability to perform these actions without taking your hands off the controls will solve a major pain point for drone operators, making it much easier to capture the perfect shot.

Mantis Q also responds to commands such as “Wake up” for powering on, “Take off” to automatically start flying and then come up to a hover, and “Return home” for auto-landing.

Yuneec Mantis Q

Due to its portability, ease-of-use and superior flight time, the Mantis Q is the ideal companion for adventurers, families and drone enthusiasts. It touts several eyebrow raising features including:

  • Voice control
  • Facial detection and gesture control
  • 33-minute flight time
  • Foldable arms
  • Capture in 4K
  • Indoor and outdoor flying
  • Sport mode

About Yuneec Mantis Q’s Features

The voice control feature will most set this product apart from other consumer drones, but that’s not all Yuneec wanted this drone to be capable of. In order to compete in an increasingly DJI-dominated market, Yuneec equipped Mantis Q with all the bells and whistles. Read on for details on each of Mantis Q’s features.

Voice Control

With the all new voice control feature, users can command Mantis Q just by using their voice. Voice control allows users to take a photo or begin recording video all without having to manually take their hands off of the controls, making it that much easier to capture the perfect shot.

Facial Detection and Gesture Control

Other notable features of the Mantis Q include its facial detection and gesture control. Users simply smile at the drone to activate face detection and as soon as the Mantis Q “sees” the user’s face, it will take a photo from up to 13 feet away. In Gesture Control mode, Mantis Q will detect a hand waving and it will take a photo.

Capture in Stunning 4K

Using an integrated camera, the Mantis Q records high resolution photos and videos. Pictures with a resolution of 4800×2700 (16:9) or 4160×3120 (4:3) pixels are saved in JPEG or DNG format on the included MicroSD card; the same goes for up to 4K of recorded videos. In up to Full HD (1920×1080), they are electronically stabilized live. The camera can be tilted upwards by up to 20 degrees or downwards by 90 degrees during flight. For cinematic camera flights, the Mantis Q also comes with automatic flight modes such as Journey, Point of Interest and Orbit Me.

33-minute Flight Time

Thanks to its energy-efficient design, the drone can stay in the air for up to 33 minutes, allowing pilots plenty of time to record great photos and video clips.

Foldable Arms

When folded together, the Mantis Q measures just 6.6 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches and weighs just 1 pound. It’s the ideal companion for big and small adventures alike.

Portable Drone Mantis Q

Indoor and outdoor flying

Unlike most in its class, Mantis Q comes equipped with advanced indoor stabilization technology. Down-facing dual sonar sensors and infrared detection make it safe enough to fly indoors and outdoors. Users also have the option to fly Mantis Q with and without the added controller.

Sport Mode

If users want to experience the thrill of drone racing, they can switch to the Mantis Q’s Sport Mode. The Mantis Q can fly up to a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour – and that’s all while performing with the agility of a real racer. The live image can be viewed with a latency of less than (200ms) on a smartphone which is connected to the remote control.

Yuneec’s First Consumer-Focused Drone Launch Since 2016

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new consumer drone from Yuneec. The Breeze and Typhoon H, both announced back in 2016, were the last consumer drone launches from Yuneec. The reaction from consumers wasn’t as enthusiastic as the company hoped. In 2017, Yuneec shifted focus to commercial drones and announced the H520. So far, in 2018, the company has launched two FPV drones and a reiteration of the Typhoon H (Typhoon H Plus).

Interestingly, Yuneec has launched the Mantis Q shortly after DJI’s Mavic 2 leak and before the Mavic 2 official launch, scheduled for August 23.

The company hopes to provide consumers a seamless experience with the Mantis Q and to surpass competing drone producers with the addition of advanced drone features such as voice control.

The Mantis Q was developed to offer cutting edge, advanced drone features such as voice control and facial detection in an easy-to-use, ultra portable package. Consumers will find that the Mantis Q seamlessly integrates into everyday experiences, and they will appreciate the incredible energy efficient package that allows up to 33 minutes of flight time to help capture every moment.

— Michael Jiang, CEO of Yuneec International.

Voice Control Drone Mantis Q

Pre-Order the Mantis Q

The Mantis Q will retail at $499.99 and is available now for pre-order in the United States at The purchase will include Mantis Q, controller, one battery, spare propellers (one set), three-port charger, and the power and USB cable.

Tell us what you think about the Mantis Q and discuss with other remote pilots on our community forum.

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