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Introducing DroneDeploy Volume Measurement

BY Alan Perlman
3 February 2016

dronedeploy volumetric measuringAmazon and Google’s future delivery drones have been dominating the headlines, but the bigger untold story is that drones are already revolutionizing business.

Agriculture, construction, mining, and real estate are among the primary sectors realizing real value from drones today, with commercial drone sales growing by more than 80% in 2016 according to Jupiter Research.

DroneDeploy, the global leader in making the skies more productive, has enabled businesses of all sizes to map and analyze over 1 million acres across 6 continents and 29 countries.

Just this morning, DroneDeploy announced another industry feat: real-time, accurate volume measurements available on any device. Whether you are calculating volumes of stockpiles, measuring extraction volumes of quarries or estimating the volume of a building, you can now easily compute volumes on your maps directly from the field. It’ll be available to all paying customers, starting as low as $99/month, and anyone signing up for a free one month trial.

Early users of DroneDeploy’s new volumetric measurements reported accuracy within 2% of traditional ground survey methods. Volume analysis by drones delivers significant time and cost savings, and eliminates risks associated with people working on dangerous terrain.

DroneDeploy helps customers worldwide leverage their drones by:

  1. Autonomously flying and capturing images
  2. Rapidly stitching together and processing images
  3. Extracting image insights across any device

To learn more about tomorrow’s exciting volume measurement announcement and see real world use cases please visit the DroneDeploy blog or review a detailed product walk-through.

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