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InterDrone 2020—The Top 9 Keynote Speakers at This Year’s Conference

BY Zacc Dukowitz
4 November 2020

InterDrone 2020 is just six weeks away, and we’re pumped.

Keynote talks from big names are always a big draw for conferences, which is why we’re going to devote this post to highlighting nine of the major speakers that will be featured at the annual InterDrone event this year.


This year the InterDrone conference will be held fully online from Tuesday, December 15th through Thursday, December 17th.

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InterDrone 2020 Keynote Speakers

Here’s our list of the top 9 keynote speakers scheduled to present at InterDrone this year.

1. Patricia Refo

President Elect, American Bar Association (ABA)

Patricia Lee “Trish” Refo is president-elect of the American Bar Association and, in August 2020, will become president of the largest voluntary association of attorneys and legal professionals in the world.

As a partner at Snell & Wilmer in Phoenix, Refo concentrates on complex commercial litigation and internal investigations. She chairs the firm’s Professional Liability Litigation Group. From 2014 to 2016, Refo was the ABA’s second highest-ranking elected official as chair of its policymaking House of Delegates. She has also served as chair of the ABA’s largest practice group, the Section of Litigation, and as chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Membership, the American Jury Project, and the Association’s grassroots advocacy activity, ABA Day in Washington.

2. Terry Martin

Project Director, Nova Systems

Dr. Terrence Martin is the Project Director for a Nova-led consortium developing a UAV Traffic Management (UTM) system for Singaporean conditions, co-funded by the Singaporean Civil Aviation Authority.

This effort includes an array of UTM and UAV related R&D in conjunction with a suite of complex trials looking at the LTE network, UAV and Urban Air Mobility separation, and development of a routing topology for a metropolitan environment.

3. Jennifer Andrews

Project lead on Bell’s Technology and Innovation team

Jennifer Andrews serves as the NASASIO project lead on Bell’s Technology and Innovation team.

Since joining the team in 2017, she has supported Bell’s On-Demand Mobility progress while also contributing to various contracted research pursuit efforts. Jennifer has more than 23 years of experience in the aerospace industry, most of which have been dedicated to Bell, and she holds a bachelor’s of science in aerospace engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

4. Kelly Daly

Regulatory and Transactional Attorney, Partner at Snell and Wilner

Kelly advises and represents clients on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) matters before local, state and federal legislative bodies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The industries in which her clients do work with UAS are incredibly diverse, and include renewable and traditional energy, agricultural, construction, defense contractors, food manufacturing, real estate, medical/healthcare, and police and fire departments.

5. Jackie Dujmovic

Founder and CEO of Hover UAV

Jackie’s vision is to be a solution provider and the critical link between emerging UAS technologies, individuals, schools, enterprises and governments. Her aim is to implement evolutionary transformative services into workflows or to improve lives.

As Founder and CEO of Hover UAV, a drone services and innovation company, Jackie has invented products now considered standard equipment for improving safety on job sites.

6. Dr. Tulinda Larsen

CEO and Founder of Skylark Services

Dr. Tulinda Larsen is CEO and Founder of the economic consulting firm, Skylark Services, LLC. She is also a private pilot and a licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command.

Tulinda has a strong background in conducting research for commercial aviation. In September of 2016, shortly after the FAA unveiled its Part 107 rules for commercial drone pilots, she turned her focus to the emerging Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/drones) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industries. Her primary work consists of analyzing the large unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) and urban air mobility (UAM) markets.

7. Helena Samsioe

CEO and Founder of GLOBHE

Helena is the CEO and Founder of GLOBHE, a startup on a mission to create a better future with drones.

She is a firm believer that the future of possible is already here and passionate about using innovative technology and collaborations to show it. Helena has racked up a huge list of accomplishments and accolades, including being named to the “World’s Top 50 Women in Tech” list by Forbes, being ranked as one of the most powerful businesswomen in Sweden, being ranked among the top 100 young business leaders in Sweden, being named among the “Top Women to Watch in the Drone Industry”, and being featured as the “Drone Queen” on BBC.

8. Laura Stefani

Tech and Telecommunications Lawyer at Mintz

Laura works at the intersection of law, policy and technology, providing clients with creative regulatory solutions to bring new wireless technologies to market.

Her areas of focus include unlicensed and licensed wireless technologies, unmanned aircraft, satellite, medical devices, and the Internet of Things. She has worked counseling clients on licensing, regulatory matters, and spectrum allocation issues and represented them before the Federal Communications Commission, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and other federal agencies.

9. Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Retired)

Founder and CEO of P3 Tech Consulting

Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Retired) is a licensed attorney, a 25-year Air Force veteran and the founder and CEO of P3 Tech.

She works in consulting, helping connect people and their advanced tech platforms with full-spectrum, policy-relevant information. She is an internationally recognized expert on Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) law and policy, and a recipient of the Woman to Watch in UAS (Leadership) Award 2019.

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