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InterDrone 2020’s 5 Co-Located Events Provide Deep Dives into Different Parts of the Drone Industry

BY Zacc Dukowitz
19 November 2020

InterDrone 2020 is now less than one month away, and we’re starting to get pretty excited.

In this post, we’re going to cover the five co-located events happening at the conference this year.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about a specific aspect of the drone industry attending one of these events could be a good way to fast track your knowledge—read on to learn about each of the five co-located events InterDrone is offering this year.



This year the InterDrone conference will be held fully online from Tuesday, December 15th through Thursday, December 17th.

Know you want to attend? Register now to save your spot for InterDrone 2020. Use promo code UAVCoach15 to get 15% off the cost of registration.

What Is a Co-Located Event?

While a conference’s regularly planned keynotes and sessions feature shorter talks and informational lectures, co-located events are typically day-long (or longer) workshops designed to give attendees the chance to learn more in-depth about a topic.

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In addition to being longer, co-located events are often sponsored by a third party. For this reason, conference attendees who want to tack on a co-located often have to make an additional payment on top of their conference registration.

However, in the case of InterDrone, all five co-located events are included in the cost of registration this year, presenting a great value for attendees.

*A note on venue: InterDrone’s co-located events were originally planned to be in-person, but they will now be hosted online due to the pandemic.

InterDrone 2020’s Five Co-Located Events

InterDrone 2020 will feature five co-located events, allowing attendees to take deep dives into five different parts of the drone industry—the “largest and most dynamic verticals within the commercial drone space,” according to InterDrone.

Here are all five of the co-located events happening at InterDrone 2020.

1. GeoDrone


Focus on: Surveying and Mapping

Providing safety and efficiency, drones have been proven to be powerful tools for the surveying and mapping industries. The content of this co-located event will cover topics such as photogrammetry, point clouds, topographic surveys, building orthomosaics, cadastral and corridor surveying techniques, volumetric collection and calculations, and more.

Industry experts will discuss in-depth the tools and solutions used for these tasks. Participants will learn about reliably producing accurate 2D and 3D data and best practices for processing collected data. 


2. AECDrone


Focus on: Construction

Construction continues to be one of the most rapidly growing industries for UAS integration. AECDrone content will demonstrate how UAS are effective tools in the push toward streamlining workflows through image collection, data analysis, and building information modeling, creating more efficient resource management.

See how UAVs can streamline the construction industry through data collection, imaging, BIM integration, and resource management at AECDrone, an InterDrone co-located event dedicated to the AEC industry. Discover how drones are reshaping the way work sites are surveyed and stockpiles are measured with increasing accuracy. 


3. UAS First Responder Summit


Focus on: Public Safety Agencies

Public Safety encapsulates law enforcement, firefighting, and search and rescue, in which the application of UAS is varied and innovative.

Drones are continuing to become a common tool in emergency services, with more and more agencies using drone technology to increase efficiency and help keep the public and public safety workers safe. The UAS First Responder Summit will concentrate on the evolving real-world applications for drones in search and rescue, firefighting, and emergency response, among others.

Learn how to scale your UAS program and add new operations from top executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as real officers and firefighters who are currently using this technology in the field. 

H520 Public Agency_drone

4. Inspection Drone


Focus on: Energy & Infrastructure

In an increasingly high-stakes industry, drones have played a crucial role and are rapidly changing the world of energy.

Designed to reveal challenges and solutions to operational workflows, the Inspection Drone co-located event will cover the evolving use and real-world implementations of UAS in oil & gas, wind turbines, powerlines, nuclear energy, and utility infrastructure inspection.


5. Drone Nexus


Focus on: Business, Policy, and Imagination

Drones are being creatively used in business practices, photography, entertainment, supply chains, and lots, lots more. This means that those working in the commercial drone industry are often learning to navigate various landscapes at the same time, including current policy, regulation, and standards. Attend Drone Nexus to learn about new and exciting drone use cases, hear from the FAA and local governments about current regulations, and learn how to best position your drone business for 2020 and beyond.


Planning to attend InterDrone 2020? Register now to save your spot.

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