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Looking to Scale Your Drone Services Business? InterDrone 2019 Could be the Event for You

BY Zacc Dukowitz
11 June 2019

If you’re a drone service provider looking for continuing education that will allow you to add new services to your repertoire, or to brush up on the ones you currently offer, InterDrone 2019 might be the event for you.

InterDrone 2018: Attendee Perspectives

InterDrone is the largest commercial drone show in North America, with anticipated attendance for 2019 of over 3,500 people.

The 2019 conference will be held from September 3—6 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, and will feature more than 110 workshops, sessions, panel discussions, and keynotes conducted by industry experts, as well as over 100 companies showcasing the latest hardware, software, and drone accessories in the exhibit hall.

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Example Sessions

Wondering what you might learn at InterDrone?

Here are examples of some of the sessions being offered this year to give you a taste for what you might find at the conference.



The tools and techniques presented in this session will be of interest to any operator wishing to integrate 3D mapping and photogrammetry into his or her workflow. The session will include case examples and an opportunity to pose questions pertaining to the methodology used.


Students will be introduced to the SDK and its philosophy, review its features (actions, telemetry, missions, camera, gimbal, offboard) and the lecturers will explain how to use it in different programming languages and on different platforms. Finally, demos will be run on simulated environments (software in the loop, hardware in the loop) using the material presented during the session.


In this session attendees will learn how the use of drones and advanced data analytics are helping Hanging H, a pipeline construction company, detect and address possible vulnerabilities before they become safety hazards. Additionally, they’ll cover common challenges, share tips for overcoming them, and provide best practices for developing a successful UAS program built for scale.


This session will share how an agency can develop and maintain a UAS program that has longevity. You will learn about budgeting, maintenance, and in-fire house training practices. You will also learn how to properly set UAS response expectations, not only within your agency but with other agencies with which you provide mutual aid and assistance.


During this session, we will discuss best practices in drone program design, management, and communications to overcome the most common obstacles to scaling a drone program. We will leverage learnings from AES, a Fortune 500 energy company that has grown its drone program to include 170 internal drone pilots and deliver $10M in financial value each year.

View the full conference schedule here.

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Eight Industry Tracks

The InterDrone schedule for 2019 will include devoted tracks for eight different industry verticals, to help drone service providers and others in the industry get access to the latest information relevant to the work they do.


Here are the tracks:

1. Precision Agriculture

Increase your crop yield through automated aerial imaging and management with our agriculture-focused sessions. These 60-minute classes and panels will emphasize the use of drones, techniques and technologies for detailed farming management, including data collection and analysis, remote sensing and multispectral imagery. Attend these sessions to see how drones are poised to replace expensive alternatives like helicopters and planes as well as increase productivity on the farm.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Precision Agriculture track here.

5 Valuable Lessons Learned About Drones in Precision Agriculture

Check out this case study on drones in precision ag created by Drone Analyst and InterDrone

2. Construction, Aggregates, and Mining

See how UAVs can streamline the construction industry through data collection, imaging, BIM integration, and resource management with these 60-minute sessions and panels, which will also include discussions on aggregates and mining. Discover how drones are reshaping the way work sites are surveyed and how stockpiles are measured with increasing accuracy as drone technology and solutions are refined each year.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Construction, Aggregates, and Mining track here.

5 Valuable Lessons Learned About Drones in Mining and Aggregates

Check out this case study on drones in mining created by Drone Analyst and InterDrone

3. Inspection

Whether you are inspecting bridges and rail, or windmills and oil pipelines, InterDrone’s 60-minute inspection sessions and panels will put you on the path to mastery. Featuring two sub tracks, Energy and Infrastructure, content will offer real-world use cases and experiences while teaching the tools, tips and techniques for operating drones in this burgeoning space.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Inspection track here.

5 Valuable Lessons Learned About Drones in Asset and Infrastructure Inspection

Check out this case study on drones in inspections created by Drone Analyst and InterDrone

4. Business

Operating a drone-based business requires knowledge of current regulations, policies, insurance needs, safety, privacy laws, accounting and more. Receive the knowledge you need to command your business and ensure its future growth and success with InterDrone’s Business Track.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Business track here.

5. Development and Hardware

Take a deep dive into the hardware and software that makes the commercial drone revolution possible. Whether you operate a mutlirotor or fixed-wing drone, these 60-minute sessions and panels will cover hardware components such as sensors and payloads as well as mastering VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), pre-flight planning and autopilots.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Development and Hardware track here.

6. Cinema and Photo

Like a new lens on the world, drones are changing the way we think about filmmaking and photography. Learn how to get the perfect shot for real estate marketing or insurance inspection as well as post-production tips and tricks to make your work shine like the pros in these Cinema and Photo sessions and panels.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Cinema and Photo track here.

7. Public Safety

These sessions and panels will cover topics from setting up a public safety program to utilizing drones for search and rescue, risk assessment, accident mapping and surveillance. You will hear real-world experiences from police, firemen and first responders while learning best practices for safely and efficiently executing public safety operations.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Public Safety track here.

5 Lessons Learned About Drones in Public Safety and First Responder Operations

Check out this case study on drones in public safety created by Drone Analyst and InterDrone

8. Surveying and Mapping

This track will dive into topics such as aerial imaging, photogrammetry, point clouds, topographic surveys, building orthomosaics, cadastral and corridor surveying techniques, volumetric collection and calculations, and more. You will also learn to master the tools and solutions used for these tasks, and which technology best suits your surveying and mapping needs.

Learn more about InterDrone’s Surveying and Mapping track here.

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