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19 Reasons to Attend InterDrone in 2017

BY Zacc Dukowitz
21 July 2017

Can you feel it? InterDrone is in the air!

That’s right—the world’s premier drone event is just around the corner, and we can’t wait. The conference will be held in less than two months, from September 6-8, in Las Vegas, NV.

If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to use the code FLYIT for $100 off.


To help everyone get warmed up for the event, we created this list of 19 reasons to attend InterDrone this year.

Here they are!

1. It’s the World’s Biggest, Fastest Growing Drone Event

If you can only attend one drone event this year, InterDrone is the one to choose.

Back in March InterDrone was recognized by Trade Show Executive magazine as one of the “Fastest Fifty“—an elite list of the fastest growing tradeshows in the U.S.

In addition, InterDrone was one of only 14 companies recognized in three different categories:

  • Fastest Growth in Exhibit Space
  • Fastest Growth in Number of Exhibitors
  • Fastest Growth in Attendance

It’s important to note that the award was given based purely on the numbers. InterDrone killed it in 2016, with attendance up 26% and exhibit space up an impressive 48% from 2015, and a total draw of 3,518 attendees from 54 different countries on 6 continents, as well as 155 exhibitors and sponsors in 222 booths.

We can only expect 2017 to be even more epic than last year.

2. New Product Releases and Big Announcements

Given the huge size of InterDrone, it’s the venue many drone companies choose for unveiling their newest, most top secret technology and products.

By attending you’ll be the first to know what’s coming up next in the industry, and get a chance to see these new releases in person.

Last year at InterDrone the number of products launched at the conference tripled from the year before. Some highlights from the 42 releases that took place in 2016 were Hubsan’s launch of the Nano Q4 SE, the smallest drone ever; Skyward’s announcements about partnering with both DroneDeploy and PrecisionHawk; and Yuneec unveiling their Breeze drone.


Back in 2015, at the first InterDrone conference ever (yes, it’s grown incredibly quickly), Ehang launched their Ghost drone and Yuneec chose the venue to launch their Tornado H920 drone, among many other releases and announcements.

3. The Exhibition Hall

…is seriously mind blowing.

There are so many incredible companies exhibiting, and they all turn out big time to show the best of what they do.

For drone enthusiasts like us, just walking through the booths and seeing what’s on display is like being a kid in a candy store. The list of companies scheduled to exhibit this year is huge, and represents a who’s who of the drone industry.

The exhibit hall schedule for this year is:

• Wednesday, September 6, from 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
• Thursday, September 7, from 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
• Friday, September 8, from 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

Here are some shots from us walking the exhibition hall last year:

Hanging out with Enrico Schaefer of Drone Law Pro

Meeting the team from

Getting to meet Sally French, AKA

4. Meet the Brains Behind the White Papers

In case you missed them, Colin Snow of Skylogic Research has been releasing white papers in partnership with InterDrone as we build up to the event, the most recent of which was created along with Christopher Korody of the Drone Business Center and—surprise, surprise—they’re both going to be at InterDrone!

The white papers have covered a range of topics related to commercial sUAS use:

Check out this video that was made to accompany the most recent white paper, 5 Valuable Lessons Learned about Drones in Asset and Infrastructure Selection.

5 Valuable Lessons Learned About Drones in Asset and Infrastructure Inspection

Colin Snow will also be leading an after hours event on Wednesday, September 6 on how to build your drone business. (Scroll down to #17 to learn more.)

5. UAV Coach Is an InterDrone Media Partner

We’re honored and excited to be an ongoing media partner for InterDrone.

We don’t enter into partnerships like this lightly. If we decide to partner with an organization it means that we believe in their mission, and think that what they’re doing is, well, out of this world.

And it’s not just us. The list of media partners for InterDrone this year is massive, and the fact that so many reputable companies in the industry have signed on to spread the word about this event in and of itself points to its high quality.

6. Education: 100+ Speakers and Classes Offered

The list of speakers for InterDrone this year looks incredible. From AirMap to CNN to DJI, and a whole lot more, the list contains a plethora of topics from deeply knowledgeable members of the drone industry.

In addition, there are lots and lots of classes being offered, allowing you to use the event as an opportunity to grow your knowledge base while mingling with leaders in the industry.

7. Meet the UAV Coach team!

That’s right—we’ll be there live and in person, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Alan Perlman, our CEO & Founder; Lana Axelrod, our Chief Strategy Officer; Zacc Dukowitz, our Director of Marketing; and the newest member of our team, Mike McGuirt, our Customer Support Representative, will all be at InterDrone this year.


Alan, Lana, and Zacc at NYCDFF earlier this year

mike mcguirt drone training support

Mike, our newest team member

This will be Alan’s third time attending InterDrone, which means that he has attended every InterDrone conference since it began in 2015.

If you’re going to be there, make sure to chime in on this thread on UAV Coach’s community forum to let us know you’re coming.

Can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!

8. Networking Opportunities Galore

Can you think of a better place to meet other folks working in the drone industry? Us neither.

Whether you’re looking for work, or just looking to connect and share your passion for UAVs, InterDrone is the place to be when it comes to networking in the drone industry.

Make sure to bring your business cards, because this is the place to meet the people you want to know.

9. Find Work and Learn How to Build Your Business

If you’re looking for work in the drone industry, make sure to bring your resume.

If you’re actively building a UAV business, make sure to check out the sessions ahead of time and make an itinerary for how you plan to spend your time so that you can get what you need out of the conference.

Last year we found some incredibly useful sessions on building a successful drones business, and this year is sure to be just as helpful when it comes to finding concrete advice and strategies.

10. Find Out What’s Coming Next on the Regulatory Scene

When it comes to drone regulations here in the U.S., it’s not an exaggeration to say that we are in the midst of a critical moment for the drone industry.

With the FAA Reauthorization Act just starting to take shape, the Feinstein Act under discussion, and so many other topics that we don’t have the time to cover here (like what might come next for hobbyists following the Taylor case, or how things will finally shake out regarding local jurisdiction over drone flights), the future of drone regulations seems uncertain to say the least.


Any new changes coming down the pike are sure to be hot topics at InterDrone.

What better place to find out where we’re headed than at the one conference where industry and regulatory leaders are all gathered under one roof?

11. See FAA Administrator Michael Huerta Speak

Speaking of drone regulations, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta is on the docket again this year at InterDrone as a keynote speaker.


Huerta has been vocal about his desire to help push the drone industry forward in previous keynotes, and we can’t wait to hear what he has to say in September during these uncertain times.

His term will be coming to an end in January, and we’re especially interested to hear him speak as he closes out his time as the chief administrator of the FAA.

“[The story of] unmanned aircraft is a story about collaboration, it’s a story about innovation, and I think most importantly, it’s a story of a shared commitment to safety.”

– FAA Administrator Michael Huerta

Check out Huerta’s keynote from InterDrone last year:

2016 InterDrone Opening Keynote by Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator

12. See Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Speak

Intel has been making headlines recently for their work with drones, most notably for their lightshow drones, which made a big splash this year during Lady Gaga’s performance at the super bowl.

In a recent interview Krzanich said that Intel is not interested in making a consumer drone, and that their interest is rather in data collection from commercial drones and in data processing.

It will be interesting to hear from him about the ways Intel wants to use data, and learn more about his vision for the company’s future.


13. Pre-Conference Trainings

On Tuesday, September 5 (the day before InterDrone officially begins), from 11am-5:30pm you can attend three special intensive sessions designed to fast track your knowledge in one of three areas—

Part 107 Training


Enrico Schaefer is the founding attorney at Traverse Legal, PLC, is a UAS pilot and technology lawyer. Mr. Schaefer represents drone companies, UAS vendors, drone developers, and many others in the technology space across a wide range of issues.

Robert Dreer is the Assistant Chief UAS Instructor at Northwestern Michigan College, where he provides curriculum development, student instruction and mentorship for the UAS training program.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Part 107 Regulations
  • Understanding and identifying the various classes of controlled, uncontrolled, and Special Use airspace
  • The process of obtaining permission (waivers) to operate in controlled airspace and conduct other non-standard operations
  • An understanding of how to read and interpret aeronautical chart symbology
  • Planning methods to translate a location on street/satellite maps into an aeronautical chart
  • Understanding of Aeronautical Decision Making and human factors affecting safe flight
  • Understanding basic weather principles
  • Interpreting weather reports and forecasts

Drone Videography Intensive


Douglas Spotted Eagle is the Managing Producer for Sundance Media Group, Inc. and VASST, and serves as a trainer and consultant for videographers, software manufacturers and broadcasters.

What you will learn:

  • Creating a flight plan
  • Perfect UAV and camera position strategies
  • Everything you need to know about filters (polarizers, neutral density, gradients)
  • Mastering the weather and other factors out of your control
  • Advanced Flight Techniques
  • Visual storytelling
  • Post production tips and tricks
  • Codec challenges, color correction, and stabilization



Will Tompkinson has worked in the domain of 3D data capture for the purposes of metrology and geomatics application for over 15 years. Will has held various relevant roles, ranging from Research Scientist to Technical Consultant through to Global Sales Manager for organizations that include Ordnance Survey, Optech and Fugro,

Adam Boczek has led Sumac’s small, but highly effective Geomatics and GIS team as Manger since 2011. Adam works in information management, with a strong emphasis on the use of GIS and remote sensing in the forestry industry and natural resource management.

What you will learn:

  • What roles are needed on your team to deliver professional surveying and mapping services.
  • Learn about the types of project where a UAV surveying or mapping service is more likely to be successful, and the types of sensor payloads that are better suited for those projects.
  • The importance of survey control, and where there will be sources of error in the surveying and mapping procedures that you use.
  • The principal stages in a surveying and mapping workflow that are required to produce a successful deliverable for your client.

These intensive training sessions are priced at a reasonable $185, and look promising for those looking to beef up their skill sets in one of these three areas.

14. Three Tracks to Fit Your Needs

This year InterDrone attendees can choose from three different tracks, allowing them to attend the sessions most relevant to their interests.

canada-drone regulations

The three tracks are:

Techcon—For Drone Builders, Engineers, OEMs and Developers

Content focuses on advanced flying dynamics, chips and boards, airframe and payload considerations, hardware/software integration, sensors, power and software development.

Enterprise—For Enterprise UAV Pilots, Operators and Drone Service Businesses

Classes focus on enterprise applications such as precision agriculture, surveying, mapping, infrastructure inspection, law enforcement, package delivery and search and rescue.

Cinema—For Pilots Engaged in Aerial Photography and Videography

Class content includes drone use for real estate and resort marketing, action sports and movie filming, newsgathering — any professional activity where the quality of the image is paramount.

15. The Enterprise Track

—gets its own # because it’s so impressive this year. If you wanted to show someone how far the drone industry has come, all you’d have to do is share the list of different enterprise tracks available at InterDrone in 2017.

Here’s a full list of the enterprise tracks that will be available at InterDrone this year:


16. The 3rd Annual InterDrone Film Festival

As if there weren’t enough amazing activities at the conference, InterDrone also puts on a killer film festival every year.

Here are the highlights from 2016:

InterDrone Film Festival 2016

Make sure to drop in to catch the entries from this year’s categories:

  • Natural Wonders
  • Action/Extreme Sports
  • Cityscapes and Architecture
  • Real Estate & Resort Marketing
  • Industrial & Commercial Use
  • Humanitarian
  • Reel

17. Attend the Women in Drones Panel & Luncheon

InterDrone first pioneered the Women in Drones Luncheon in September 2015, which led to many similar gatherings at other events.

The first Women in Drones Luncheon drew 64 women, and the second in 2016 nearly tripled in attendance, to 180. The third one promises to be even bigger, and packed with the opportunity to connect with women working to push the drone industry forward.

The level of commitment to collaboration and encouragement to support one another was amazing!

– Sharon Rossmark, CEO and Founder of Women And Drones on the 2016 session

women and drones-founder

18. After Hours Events

In addition to the daily events, there are four special “after hours” events taking place the first day of the conference on September 6, from 7:15-8:30pm (the only bad thing is you have to choose just one!).

Here’s some info about the after hours events—visit the after hours page to learn more.


19. Vegas Baby

A list like this just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t acknowledge the locale.

Think about it—in addition to rubbing elbows with the top drone folks in the world and being the first to learn about the newest tech in the drone industry, you’re also going to be in Las Vegas.

‘Nuff said. 🙂


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