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This Inspection Software for Drones Automatically Detects Roof Damage, First Drone Platform with On-Site Roof Measurements

BY Isabella Lee
12 April 2019

Inspectors, field adjusters, and roofing estimators can now examine properties with greater precision and safety thanks to new drone technology. IMGING, a drone-based inspection tool from Loveland Innovations, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many aspects of the inspection process.

Loveland Innovations has added ground-breaking enhancements to the inspection platform, including drone-based, on-site measurements; AI and deep-learning powered damage detection for commercial roofs; and other powerful updates.

IMGING Drone Roof Inspection

Image Source: Loveland Innovations

IMGING’s On-Site Roof Measurements Help Users Build Trust with Customers

IMGING is the first ever drone platform with on-site roof measurements. Thanks to a unique real-time measurement process built into the IMGING app, field adjusters and roofing estimators can now view and share dynamic measurements on an Apple iOS tablet while they’re still on site with customers.

With images and measurements available on site, “users can share everything they see with customers and prospects, which helps them build trust or close more business,” says Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations.

IMGING’s Deep-Learning Technology Automates Damage Detection

The latest IMGING update also includes a beta release of enhancements to Loveland’s deep learning framework, IMGING Detect™, which automatically finds roof damage on drone inspection images.

IMGING can now find the following types of damage on commercial or residential roofs:

  • Blistering on flat roofs
  • Evidence of ponding water
  • Cracking and alligatoring
  • Exposed underlayment
  • Rust
  • Soft metal damage

Users can adjust their confidence level on damage auto-detected through the platform and are given the option to approve or deny damage in order to stay in control of the data. Take a look at IMGING in action in the video below:

How IMGING Works from Loveland Innovations on Vimeo.

Additional Updates to IMGING Make Inspection Jobs Easier

In the past, roof inspections required someone to physically climb up onto the roof to visually inspect any damage. Or, manned aircraft were used to gather aerial data, but this process was expensive and did not always produce accurate reports. Today, the process has become safer, faster, and more precise with help from drones.

When your decisions affect a homeowner’s property, details matter. Whether it’s determining the scope and type of actual damage or understanding the true cost of replacement, IMGING lets users gather essential property details aerial data providers simply can’t see.

—Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations.

With the most recent update, IMGING users can now measure any area within an inch of accuracy on an IMGING 3D model. For instance, a user can measure a wall and subtract windows from the measurement total for a damage estimate on siding.

IMGING also ensures consistent ground-based imagery across every inspection. In addition to using IMGING for gathering photos during an automated flight, companies can now define a list of required ground photos and instructions for taking them. Field users can add the images into categorical albums in the IMGING app by following the instructions and snapping the photos.

Where to Get IMGING Solutions for Your Team

IMGING is available as a complete software and hardware solution (The IMGING Inspection Kit) or as an app that runs on an Apple iPad or iPhone. IMGING is compatible with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro, which users can source themselves, or purchase as part of the IMGING Inspection Kit.

To conduct roof and property inspections commercially, you’ll need to get a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA, which requires passing the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. To help you pass, Loveland Innovations includes access to our training course, Drone Pilot Ground School, with the purchase of every IMGING Kit. The Drone Pilot Ground School training program includes a robust series of online videos, study guides, and other materials that just about guarantee you’ll pass your test the first time. Learn more about our partnership with Loveland Innovations.

To purchase an IMGING Kit or to find more information, visit Loveland Innovation’s website.

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