GoPro Gearing Up for “Karma” Drone Launch?

BY Alan Perlman
2 February 2016

GoPro just released a new promo video for their upcoming Karma camera drone, set to launch in mid-2016.

This is the only announcement GoPro has made since setting up this landing page and announcing the giveaway contest a couple of months ago (they’re giving away 100 free drones as part of the launch).

The quality of the promo video is classic GoPro — perfect combination of quality, story-telling, and extreme. But we still don’t SEE the Karma…we can almost see it through the glasses reflection of one of the skiers, but they’re toying with us.

GoPro Karma Drone

Nick from GoPro states, “While I can’t share much prior to launch, I can say this about Karma: it works in mysterious ways and not always as you think.”

Watch the video, imagine what this drone looks like and is capable of, and we’ll see if you’re right by the end of this year.

Alan Perlman

Founder & CEO

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