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Want to Get Into FPV Drone Racing? Consider Force1 RC’s FPV Drone Racing Kit

BY Alan Perlman
26 May 2017

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I remember the first time I heard about first-person-view (FPV) drone racing.

It was back in October 17th 2014.

I only know this because at the time, I had JUST finished building our website. And I was furiously researching the drone industry. One lovely morning, I saw a video on YouTube of PEOPLE RACING DRONES IN THE FRENCH ALPS.

Wow. I couldn’t believe it. It was like Star Wars pod-racing…but in real life. In the Alps. Around trees. With robots and cool goggles and high-pitched zeeeyahhhuuums I’d never really heard before.

I saw that video, and I asked myself one very important question.

What does it feel like to be an FPV drone racing pilot?

Getting Into FPV Drone Racing

FPV Racing is a new and rapidly growing sport that’s getting commercialized by organizations like the Drone Racing LeagueU.S. Drone Racing Association, MultiGP, and events like the World Drone Racing Championships.

The first time I flew FPV was on the Drone Racing League’s free simulator. The software is free to download, but I bought the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4GHz Telemetry Radio & Aluminum Case Mode 2 Transmitter to be able to fly with real joysticks. It was very easy to set up and came with a rugged silver case to make me feel special.

fpv drone racing simulator

I spent…a lot of time on that simulator.

Maybe 30-40 hours. I hadn’t enjoyed a game like that in a while. I’m on their email list, and they recently released a new level / course to race. Check it out…it’s free!

No, I Don’t Want to Build an FPV Racing Drone Myself

But then, when I wanted to take my newly honed stick skills and racing confidence to the real world, I had a hard time transitioning out of the simulator.

Thing is, I was lazy.

At the time, most people were soldering together their own custom FPV drone racing systems. And of the companies putting kits together, they were incomplete in the sense that you STILL needed to buy a transmitter, Goggles, spare parts, etc. There wasn’t a true “ready to fly” system you could just buy off the shelf. Or if there was, I certainly couldn’t find it.

I just didn’t feel like piecing together a whole system from the ground up.

Inside Force1 RC’s FPV Drone Racing Kit

And then I received a demo unit of this super awesome drone racing kit from the team over at Force1 RC.

fpv drone racing kit box

Everything I needed to fly. All in one place. Still some setup required, but much easier to get off the ground than all the other options I had evaluated up to that point.

Putting it together took about 90 minutes. I emailed their support team at one point and received back a quick reply. That was a great sign and not always the case with drone manufacturers / companies I’ve worked with.

Here’s what comes with the Force1 RC FPV Drone Racing Kit:

  • Carbon fiber frame with integrated electronics (AKA all the wires already soldered together, the motors hooked up, etc.)
  • A 2.4GHz controller / transmitter with customizable switches and a color LCD screen
  • A 5.8 GHz set of FPV racing goggles
  • Other accessories like spare parts and a LiPo battery balance charger

FPV drone racing kit

I had to be careful my first few flights while I got used to the controls. This bad boy packs a SERIOUS punch and can zip and zoom and zweeeee in all directions very quickly.

I’ve only gone through a few battery cycles so far, but MAN this thing is fun. It has an impressive ground range of nearly 3,000 feet. I’ve tested it to about 300 feet without any lag in the video feed.

And no crashes yet! Maybe I’m not training hard enough. Gee whiz, who knows what the future will hold for this aspiring FPV racing pilot 🙂

But anyway, if you’re looking to get into FPV drone racing, I definitely recommend Force1’s racing kit. I’ve had great luck with their instructions and support team on multiple products of theirs over the last few years. Questions? support (at) uavcoach (dot) com.

Want to get into FPV racing? Use the code DYSCOACH to get 20% off the Force 1 DYS Drone when you purchase it on Amazon.

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