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Flight Training with droneSim Pro UAS Flight Simulator

BY Alan Perlman
11 February 2016

As everyone is aware, drones are all over the news. From search and rescue to infrastructure inspection to people shooting them down, there is not a day that goes by without some mention of drones. With increased personal and commercial drone use, at droneSim Pro, we think that learning to fly them correctly is of great importance. In addition to basic flight maneuvers, there is a need for more advanced techniques. The opportunity to practice some of these advanced, and specific skills is not always readily available. How often do cinematographers blow up bridges? How often do firefighters respond to large house fires? The list goes on.

uav drone flight simulator

Reports cite that a high percentage of drone pilots crash on their first flight, with a large portion of them destroying their drones. When we were talking about the problem, I thought back to how many model planes and helicopters I crashed while learning to fly. During my flight training, in addition to flying the real planes, I spent hours on flight simulators practicing basic flying skills and techniques, so that my time in the plane was better spent.I thought, why not translate this to flying drones? And that is what we did. We created a flight simulator specifically for drones; one capable of replicating any real world condition you can imagine.

Using a USB game controller lets us to take advantage of a tool that a lot of drone pilots already have, and add capabilities not otherwise available. With the extra buttons and controls, the user can move the virtual pilot’s point of view. It also allows menu and simulator manipulation without having to take your hands off of the controller.

Our team is comprised of pilots, industry experts, graphics designers and simulation programmers. Using our years of experience and varying backgrounds, we created an easy to fly simulator with high quality flight controls and graphics.

dronesimpro uav simulator

Over the next few months, we plan on adding more drone models and flight areas. As we expand, we will be able to provide diverse and challenging places for pilots to hone their skills.

We are also looking into:

  • FPV via Oculus Rift or other goggles
  • Training modules where there are tasks that have to be completed and the results are recorded
  • Ability for pilots to build their own drones and flight areas for use in the simulator
  • Support for physical remote controllers

Our website ( contains more information about the simulator and a contact form to ask questions.

Use the coupon code UAVCOACH to receive $10 off the cost of the simulator. We also offer an affiliate program for people who would like to sell the simulator.

Safe flying!

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