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FAA Releases Holiday Safety Video for Flying Drones

BY Alan Perlman
9 December 2016

Got a drone as a present, and never flown before? 

Check out this video from the FAA on drone safety, posted to remind folks how to stay safe during the holiday season (and all year round!). This is especially useful for anyone new to flying drones, but not a bad refresher for all of us, even those who are old hands at piloting an sUAS.

Be a Safe Drone Pilot this Holiday, and All Year Long.

Here are some key points from the video:

  • Register your drone before flying it at FAA.GOV/UAS.
  • Be safe. Keep in mind that a drone is an aircraft, and it’s your responsibility to fly safely.
  • Don’t fly over groups of people, and be mindful of privacy when piloting your drone.
  • Avoid flying near other aircraft and in restricted airspace. You can download the free B4UFLY app from the FAA to see where you can and can’t pilot your sUAS, which is worth doing since there may be some surprises—for instance, did you know that national parks have special restrictions regarding drones?

Just getting started flying a multirotor drone? Check out our free resource, How to Fly a Quadcopter—The Ultimate Guide to help you learn the basics. Also, if you’re new to flying drones and don’t live in the U.S., you may find our Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws helpful.

Happy flying!

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