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Meet Kevin Young, Experienced UAV Videographer

BY Alan Perlman
3 February 2015

Meet Kevin Young.

Kevin reached out to us in a blog comment, casually mentioning that he brings two decades of R/C experience to the table. Too cool.

Kevin is in the process of setting up his own videography company, so we pinged him with a few questions to learn more. Below are his responses, and a few images he shared with us.

Kevin, how’d you get into R/C flying?

I grew up in the R/C world. My dad has been flying/building since the 50’s, and I helped him run a R/C business developing small-scale two stroke engines and exhaust systems. He has since sold the business. At the time, I transitioned, naturally, into the UAV industry.

aerial videography business

What type of units have you flown over the years?

R/C – I have piloted fixed-wing (3D), heli’s, multi-rotors, boats, cars, and turbines (fixed-wing)

UAS – Shadow 200, TigerShark, Hermes 450, and the Hunter MQ-5B

Manned – Piper Cherokee, Cessna 182

What was it like to fly for the military?

It was an incredible experience, and extremely rewarding.

start aerial videography business

Why’d you decide to start an aerial videography company?

Simply put, my love of “manual” R/C flight, and the art of capturing images. Unfortunately for some of us, the UAS world is going fully autonomous (auto-takeoff and landing), so the EP (External Pilot) is being phased out. Aerial videography allows me to stay on the “sticks” while capturing breathtaking imagery.

uav photography business

What are the biggest challenges you face as you build your company?

The FAA, and the public’s misconception of a UAS (Drone) are the two biggest hurdles. Because the FAA is taking so long laying out comprehensive UAS guidelines, businesses are reluctant to utilize our services. There are opportunities out there, but you literally have to fly under the radar to avoid backlash or stiff fines.

Also, the general public is both interested and terrified at the notion of a flying camera, or thousands of flying cameras. There is no question the commercial UAS industry needs to be regulated. It just needs to happen sooner rather than later.

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