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Epic Quadcopter Video from Cirque du Soleil

BY Alan Perlman
8 October 2014

SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters

Cirque du Soleil has partnered with ETH Zurich and Verity Studios to produce a short film featuring ten quadcopters in an artful and coordinated dance performance.

Typically known for their unbelievable and jaw-dropping stage performances, Cirque du Soleil uses lampshade-disguised quadcopters to tell a fun and beautiful story.

I wonder if Cirque du Soleil plans to start using quadcopters in their live performances.

Alan Perlman

Founder & CEO

Alan is an FAA-certified drone pilot and founded UAV Coach in 2014 to help connect drone enthusiasts, to provide world-class sUAS industry training courses, and to help push the drone community forward with a focus on safety and commercial opportunities.

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