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Camera, Drone, Up – Here Comes The DroneUp International Film Festival

BY Alan Perlman
10 May 2016

Source: DroneUp IFF

“As humans, we have always been fascinated by the sky. We have been driven by a desire to reach the clouds and have nourished a curiosity of what our lives might look like seen from above.”

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the DroneUp International Film Festival (DroneUp IFF) is an annual international open public event that presents the best and most creative drone films from around the world. The films are specifically shortlisted for the event by an international jury headed by an Oscar nominated director. Organised in relation to the European Capital of Culture, the 2016 edition of DroneUp IFF will be held August 19th-20th in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

dronup-logoDroneUp IFF 2016 consists of two days of free outdoors and indoors events incorporating a cultural film festival, drone flash mob and an exhibition of a selected number of the world’s leading drone companies. The festival is organised as a public show, open to everybody and especially attracting audiences with interest in art, cinematography, new technologies and innovation.

In addition to DroneUp presenting the best aerial films and most trendsetting drone products, DroneUp IFF will also highlight the rich traditions of its host city Plovdiv. DroneUp IFF seeks to become Europe’s leading annual drone event uniting drone professionals, aficionados and amateurs in an ever-growing community with focus on artistry, creativity, inclusiveness, innovation and knowledge sharing.

We dearly hold importance of the celebrating of the diversity of human creativity that appears when culture and traditions meet new technologies and means of artistic expression. DroneUp IFF is all about people – celebrating humanity, nature and culture, as the forces that helps us create and evolve.

Our mission is simple. We want to share the beauty and creativity of drone cinema with the broad public. We want to meet the audience at street level with an open and free festival and show them that the drones are a magnificent tool that enables the evolvement of human creativity and artistic potential. This way we can help dissolve the stigma that drones are bad and dangerous.

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