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Two New Reports from DroneII Highlight World’s Top Drone Service Providers, Manufacturers

BY Zacc Dukowitz
5 September 2019

Drone industry research group Drone Industry Insights (DroneII), recently released two reports, one that ranks global drone service providers and one that ranks global drone manufacturers.

Big takeaways? Zipline leads the pack among drone service providers and DJI is still securely at the top when it comes to making drones.

Read on to learn more.

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DroneII’s 2019 Drone Service Provider Report

In creating their drone service provider report DroneII reviewed over 700 service providers from around the world, creating a list of the Top 40 and the Top 20.

To create these rankings, DroneII drew on these factors:

  • Company size
  • Market shares/sales figures
  • Public attention (they don’t define this—we’d guess they’re referring to the company’s number of media mentions and related metrics)
  • Number of followers
  • Extent of the company’s web activity (this is also undefined—we’d guess it includes metrics such as web traffic and backlinks)

Here is DroneII’s explanation for how they created their rankings using the above criteria:

The highest scoring company in each dimension receives a rating of 100%, while all other drone companies receiving [sic] a lower percentage in linear relation to the score of the highest-ranking company. The total score is an average of all four measured dimensions. A company can reach an index of 100% if it leads all considered sources.

Here are the top 20 drone service providers in the world, according to DroneII:


We found it striking that neither PrecisionHawk nor Drone Base made the cut for the Top 20 list, given that both have huge fleets of pilots—in an interview we did with PrecisionHawk’s CEO not too long back he told us that they had one of the largest drone pilot networks in the world, with 150 full-time pilots and 15,000 freelance pilots.

Insights from DroneII’s 2019 Service Provider Report

1. Drone Service Providers Are All Over the World

The drone service provider market is geographically fairly well dispersed across the globe—companies from 18 different countries made the Top 40 ranking.

2. U.S. Still Leads the Pack

Although there may be lots of different countries on the Top 40 list, the United States still dominates with 11 companies on the Top 20 list.

3. Top Applications

The top applications drone service providers are doing include mapping, surveying, and inspections, with drone delivery not too far behind.

4. Drone Delivery on the Rise

Drone delivery service providers are definitely on the rise.

Last year DroneII’s service provider report found only three service providers on the Top 20 list—this year there are two more, for a total of five.

What’s in the Full Report

DroneII’s full drone service provider report contains all 700+ drone service providers; the Top 40 list, which has the specific applications each company does; and the Top 20 list, which has detailed profiles of each company, including company description, information on their products, partnership history, investment history, and focus industry.

But to get all this info you do have to pay—DroneII is charging $886 for the full report.

DroneII’s 2019 Drone Manufacturer Report

In addition to the drone service provider report, DroneII also recently released a report on the top drone manufacturers in the world.

Unlike the service provider report, the information in the drone manufacturer report is much more closely guarded, most likely because they know there are drone companies and consultants out there willing to pay top dollar to know who exactly their competitors are (the full report costs a little over $1,110).

The only information DroneII has publicly released from their report on drone manufacturers is that DJI holds the top spot and that Yuneec is second:


Note: DroneII used the same criteria for creating these rankings as the criteria referenced above used to rank drone service providers.

One other insight from the DroneII chart shown above is that, according to DroneII’s data, there doesn’t seem to be much competition in drone manufacturing—only eight companies register on their index.

In addition to the above information, DroneII has these insights to share from their manufacturer report:

  • There are significantly more platform manufacturers producing drones for civil & commercial purposes, than those manufacturing dual-use drones
  • Chinese companies do best on the list of Top 20 civil and commercial drone manufacturers
  • North American companies lead the list of Top 20 dual-use drone platform manufacturers
  • The most common drones sold are multirotor drones, followed by fixed-wing platforms

Want more information on who’s top in the drone industry and how the drone industry is doing? Check out these free resources:

Have some thoughts you’d like to share about DroneII’s new reports? Hop into this thread on the UAV Coach community forum to join the conversation.

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