Drone News Roundup: Inspire 3 Shown in Leaked Photo, Jetson One Taxi Drone Commute to Work, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
30 June 2022

This week we’re covering a photo that was recently leaked of a DJI Inspire 3, adding more credibility to the idea that DJI may release it this year.

We’re also covering a video highlighting a commute to work in the Jetson ONE eVTOL taxi drone, a beautiful drone tour of Istanbul shot entirely on the Mini 3 Pro, a new tether option for the Parrot ANAFI USA, and a firmware update for the Mini 3 Pro that aims to fix the bugs people have encountered with QuickTransfer.

Now on to those links!

Inspire 3 Shown in Leaked Photo

A new photo leaked by drone industry insider @OsitaLV on Twitter shows what they claim to be proof that the Inspire 3 is almost ready for launch. In the picture we see two different drones, making it seem likely that DJI will release two versions of the Inspire 3, as they did with the Mavic 3 last year. A few months back, @OsitaLV shared a leaked video of the drone in flight, and we also saw images of a crashed prototype around the same time. All these leaks add up to a compelling case that DJI may release this much anticipated update to its Inspire cinematography-focused drone line later this year.


Jetson ONE eVTOL Drone Taxi Makes First Commute to Work

Jetson ONE - World's First EVTOL Commute to Work

Drone taxi company Jetson has completed what it’s calling “the world’s first eVTOL commute.” The person who made the commute was Tomasz Patan, co-founder of the company and inventor of the ONE. According to Jetson, using the ONE to travel to work instead of a car cut the time needed for the commute by 88%. It’s worth noting that the terrain flown over in the video looks rural, with no buildings or roads in sight. We imagine the regulatory hurdles needed to fly in more congested urban areas will make these kinds of operations hard to do for quite some time, but the successful “commute” is still impressive nonetheless.


Beautiful Video of Istanbul Made with the Mini 3 Pro


Creator Sean Alami shot this beautiful drone tour of Istanbul entirely on a DJI Mini 3 Pro, capturing what he calls “the city that never sleeps.” According to Alami, “I personally was blown away by DJI Mini 3 Pro’s capability to film in low light. Even though it’s not a full frame sensor, the f 1.7 aperture really makes it shine at night.” Watch the video to see what he was able to accomplish with the new Mini 3 Pro.


Parrot ANAFI USA Now Has a Tether Option

Credit: Parrot

Parrot’s ANAFI USA was one of the five drones on the original Blue UAS list, making it a desirable platform for federal agencies. A new feature may open it up to even more use cases—the ANAFI USA can now be flown continuously using a tether that provides a recurring power source for the drone. The tether is made by French-based Arastelle, and allows the ANAFI USA to operate at an altitude of up to about 330 feet (100 meters). According to a statement from Parrot, the primary use case for a tethered ANAFI USA would be for continuous surveillance, both during the day and at night.


New Firmware Update for Mini 3 Pro Aims to Fix QuickTransfer Issues

Credit: DJI

DJI has just pushed out a firmware update for the Mini 3 Pro that seeks to fix the issues several pilots have had with QuickTransfer since the drone was launched. QuickTransfer allows you to use WiFi to transfer media in the Fly app to a mobile device, but many have complained that it doesn’t work properly. The firmware update that seeks to fix the problem is v01.00.0150. Along with the update for the Mini 3 Pro itself, you’ll need to update the DJI Fly app to v1.6.6. Follow the link below to get the update and to see the related updates you’ll need for your Mini 3 Pro remote control.


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