Drone News Roundup: Epic Hole in One FPV Drone Video, Jay Christensen’s Cinewhoop of Axon’s Headquarters, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
12 January 2023

This week we’re covering an incredible FPV drone shot of Tom Brady hitting a hole in one.

We’re also covering an FPV fly through of Axon’s headquarters shot by Jay Christensen, DJI’s launch of the RS Mini 3, a drone video shot in Buenos Aires showing massive crowds celebrating in the streets after Argentina won the world cup, and a story about a DJI drone being used to deliver a lung for transplant.

Now on to the links!

Tom Brady’s Hole in One Captured by FPV Drone

Tom Brady hits a hole in one filmed with an FPV drone by Beverly Hills Aerials

Some FPV videos are sheer fun—and this is one of them. Watching the side view as Tom Brady hits the hole in one prepares you for the high energy FPV perspective that comes right after, where we get to swoop right along behind the golf ball as it flies through the air, lands, and bounces into the hole. The skilled flying and the skilled golf shot combine to make this one of the best FPV drone videos we’ve ever seen.


FPV Fly through of Axon’s Headquarters from Jay Christensen

#ThisIsAxon - Epic FPV Drone One Take Tour of Axon HQ

Last year Axon, makers of the taser, hired cinewhoop master Jay Christensen to shoot this fly through of its headquarters. The FPV tour shows off all Axon’s security gear and the work the company does to provide tools for law enforcement. It’s worth noting that Axon is no stranger to the drone industry—the company formed a partnership with Skydio in 2021, and has been helping drive drone adoption among law enforcement and other public safety agencies for years. As for Christensen, the pilot who shot the video, he almost single handedly popularized these kinds of fly throughs with his cinewhoop Right Up Our Alley, which went viral in 2021.


DJI Launches the RS 3 Mini

Meet DJI RS 3 Mini | Our Smallest Pro-Level Gimbal Yet

This week DJI released the first Mini version in its RS series of gimbals. The RS 3 Mini is small and lightweight, with an impressive 50% reduction in size from the RS 3 Pro, which came out last June along with the RS 3. Just like the regular RS 3, the RS 3 Mini can be used with mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations, has bluetooth shutter control, and has the same high quality stabilization you get with the regular RS 3. Along with the reduced size comes a lower price—the RS 3 Mini is selling for $369, while the RS 3 sells for $549 and the RS 3 Pro sells for $869.


Drone Video Shows Massive Size of Crowds After Argentina Won the World Cup


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The world cup may be over but we can still enjoy this incredible FPV video showing just how big the response was in Buenos Aires when Argentina won. The video was shot in the Plaza de la República in Buenos Aires—not, we should note, the location of the World Cup games, which were played in the country of Qatar. When Argentina won, hundreds of thousands of fans poured into the streets to celebrate, creating an amazing spectacle that’s captured in this short drone video.


Drone Used to Transport Lung for Transplant

Proof-of-concept drone flight delivers transplant lung to patient in Toronto

A DJI Matrice 600 was used recently to transport a lung for transplant in Canada. The flight took only five minutes, with the drone traveling a distance of about one mile from Western Hospital to Toronto General Hospital. Drones have been used to transport organs before, but they’re not typically used for heart and lung transportation because these transplants need to happen in such a short time frame—about 4-6 hours after the donor’s death. To make the mission possible researchers conducted over 400 test flights, one of which is captured in the video above.


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