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Drone News Roundup: Drones in Search and Rescue, DJI Father’s Day Sale, and Lots More!

BY Tres Crow
19 June 2020

As drone programs continue to proliferate through public safety organizations in the U.S., the number of times they’re being used on life-saving missions is increasing rapidly. It seems nearly every week, there’s a new story about a drone being used in a fire, search and rescue operation, or stand-off between police and armed gunman. This week, we sifted through a variety of compelling stories about drones in public safety, and picked the one we thought best showed off their life-saving potential. We also found some informative new reports, drop your link to the DJI father’s Day sale, and give you a taste of how drones are being used to track the swift-moving Blue Fin Tuna.

Links? Yes, we have the links!


Drones Help Save Father and Daughter

Drone Search and Rescue Save

Image credit Antioch Police Department

In another stunning example of the life-saving potential of UAS in law enforcement, the Antioch Police Department in Northern California recently saved a father and his daughter from drowning in the San Joaquin river after their canoe overturned. Officer’s equipped with small drones were able to quickly identify the location of the pair and bring them to safety. You can watch the incredible footage at the link below.



Show Your Father You Love Him

DJI father's Day Sale

Image credit DJI

It’s that time of year again, where Americans look to their dads and wonder, “What on Earth should I get this guy for Father’s Day?” Fortunately, DJI is running their annual Father’s Day Sale. So, for any of you with gadget-minded dads, there’s plenty here to get you excited. From Mavics to FPV goggles, there are great deals on a bunch of cool items.



Iris Automation Launch Waiver Resource Center

Iris Automation Casia

Image credit Iris Automation

Onboard detection company, Iris Automation, has just launched their new dashboard for helping commercial drone operators complete and submit Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) applications. A combination of software and expert consulting, the new dashboard is a little like Turbo Tax for drone operators. Just follow the prompts and let the regulatory experts at Iris Automation handle the heavy-lifting for you. Gabrielle Wain, Vice President of Global Policy and Government Affairs at Iris Automation, had this to say:

The new Waiver Resource Center is both the crystallization of our Policy team’s expertise and our years of interactions with multiple aviation authorities, to simplify what is otherwise a complex and often confusing process. As more companies unlock the potential of drones and look to set their commercial operations apart there is a huge need for on-demand policy experts who can write complex waivers applications for safe BVLOS flight operations.



Meticulous Research and Gartner Drop New Drone Reports

The ag drone market in 2020 and beyond

Image credit Meticulous Research

Two important reports have dropped this week about booming markets in the drone industry: agriculture and transportation. The first comes from Meticulous Research, who “meticulously” compiled their report about the agriculture drone market, which they expect to grow by 31% per year through 2025, the lion’s share of that growth coming out of North America. The second report comes courtesy of consulting firm, Gartner, who took a deep dive into how drones are disrupting transportation markets. Not just with drone deliveries, but soon with people too.



Tracking Charlie the Tuna by Drone

Charlie the Tuna by drone in the North Atlantic

Image credit

Blue Fin Tuna are really fast. Like really, really fast. Which is why they’re notoriously difficult for researchers to track. That was until scientists in the Gulf of Maine started testing whether drones could chase after schools of Tuna, monitor their movements, and snap some photos of the elusive fish. Mike Jech, lead author of the recently published study, and acoustics researcher at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, was impressed with the results:

Despite some limitations, [drones] will be invaluable for collecting remote high-resolution images that can provide data at the accuracy and precision needed by managers for growth and ecosystem models of Atlantic bluefin tuna.



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