Drone News Roundup: Two Guinness World Records Awarded for Massive Drone Light Show, 4K Drone Tour of the 2023 NHL Winter Classic, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
5 January 2023

This week we’re covering a huge drone light show put on for new year’s eve that won two Guinness World Records.

We’re also covering a cinewhoop from Jay Christensen shot at Axon’s headquarters, a story about a lost dog being rescued with the help of a drone on Christmas day, Amazon’s launch of its first two drone delivery programs, and Skydio and Zipline both appearing in Popular Science’s list of top 100 innovations of 2022.

Now let’s get to those links!

Huge New Year’s Eve Drone Light Show Snags Two Guinness Records

The massive New Year’s Eve drone light show featured in the Instagram post above just won two Guinness World Records—one for “largest number of operated multirotors/drones with a simultaneous fireworks display” and one for “largest aerial sentence formed by multirotors/drones.” The show featured a total of 673 drones and took place over a distance of almost three miles above the beach in the United Arab Emirates. Wondering what sentence the drones spelled in the night sky? Happy New Year 2023!


4K Drone Tour of the 2023 NHL Winter Classic

4K Drone Tour of the 2023 NHL Winter Classic

This FPV fly through shot at Fenway Stadium in Boston takes you on a tour of the famous baseball field, showing how it has been transformed into an outdoor ice hockey rink for the NHL’s 2023 Winter Classic. The Winter Classic is an annual hockey match that takes place on or around near year’s day, in either a baseball or football stadium, in an area with a resident NHL team. This year that team was the Boston Bruins, who were pitted against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game took place on Monday, with the Bruins winning 2 to 1.


Search and Rescue Team Uses Drone to Save a Lost Dog on Christmas Day


In a heartwarming holiday story, the search and rescue team in Weber County, Utah helped rescue a dog that had been lost in the snowy mountains on Christmas day. The dog had gone missing the day before, during a hike. Its owner found her early the next morning, but couldn’t get to where she was located. Using a drone, the search and rescue team was able to find a way to reach the dog and help her reunite safely with her owner.

Amazon Launches First Drone Delivery Programs in Two U.S. Cities

Credit: Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air has launched its first two drone delivery programs. One of the programs is located in the small town of Lockeford, California and the other is located in the medium-sized city of College Station, Texas. Deliveries are available to those living within 3.73 miles of Prime Air’s delivery center in College Station and within four miles of its delivery center in California. In launching these two programs Amazon is taking a big step toward realizing a vision Jeff Bezos first described almost a decade ago, when he projected that drone delivery would eventually be as common as ground-based deliveries.


Skydio and Zipline Named to Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ List for 2022

Credit: Popular Science

Every year, Popular Science puts out a list of the top 100 innovations. For 2022, two drone companies have made the list—Zipline, for its sound-based detect and avoid technology, and Skydio, for the autonomy and follow-me technology found in the Skydio 2+. DJI also made the list, but not for its drone technology. Instead, DJI appears on the list for the Ronin 4D, which Popular Science describes as “an all-encompassing cinema rig and steadicam for creators on a budget.”


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