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Drone News Roundup: Drone Industry Hiring, Drone Legends Gets Students Excited about STEAM, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
9 October 2020

This week we’re covering promising news on the drone jobs front showing that although the pandemic has hurt the U.S. economy, it looks like there is still work to be found within the drone industry.

Along the same lines, we’re covering news from UPS’ Flight Forward that the pandemic was actually an accelerator for their business, driving a significant increase in drone delivery. We’re also covering remote STEAM learning being supported by Drone Legends, Ehang’s latest heavy-lift drone, and a report of a man using his drone to help reunite pets with their owners following natural disasters.

Now on to those links!

Drone Industry Hiring Despite Struggling Economy

Image source

Although the job scene has been tough for many since the pandemic hit its stride back in the early spring, a new article from Sally French (The Drone Girl) highlights jobs in the drone industry, and things are looking pretty good. From in-person jobs at Skyfish, a company that makes on-board computing and navigation sensors for drones, to remote jobs at DroneDeploy and elsewhere, it looks like things are going strong on the job front if you work with drones, either making them or flying them.


Drone Legends Supports Hybrid Learning for After School Program

Image credit: Drone Legends

Looking for ways to get your child excited about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education, or just looking for a cool after school activity for your students? Drone Legends is a hybrid learning program that uses drones to ignite an enthusiasm for STEAM subjects in elementary and middle school students. Scott Buell, the founder of Drone Legends says the company, “provides both on-site and remote instruction for students in the world’s most exciting drone flight training, aerial cinematography, and computer coding drone club curriculum for girls and boys.” We’ve seen videos of some of these lessons, and they look like a lot of fun—but also educational. If you’re an educator interested in learning how to launch a Drone Legends program at your school, go here. If you’re a parent or guardian interested in signing your child up for an online club session, go here.


Ehang Launches New Heavy-Lift Drone for Short to Medium Haul

EHang Unveils Heavy-lift 216L AAV for Short-to-Medium-Haul Aerial Logistics

Chinese-based Ehang just keeps making futuristic, cool-looking technology. In the last few months, it has released a huge firefighting drone, news that it’s working on ambulance drone, and announced plans to go into production with its air taxi drones (the product the company first became known for). Now the company is making headlines with its latest product, the EHang 216L, a heavy-lift drone made for short-to-medium-haul cargo delivery. The new drone can carry up to 440 pounds—a record for multirotor drones, according to Ehang.


UPS Flight Forward Says COVID-19 ‘Only an Accelerator’ for Their Work

Image credit: Flight Forward 

When the pandemic first hit back in March there were a flurry of articles about all the ways drones might be able to help. Drone delivery was one of the biggest—both medical and commercial—but as time passed it seemed like the promise drones posed for helping fight the spread of infections was more hypothetical than real. But apparently both Alphabet’s Wing and UPS’ Flight Forward, respectively the first and second drone delivery companies ever to receive a Part 135 certification, did see big upticks in demand for drone delivery as a result of the pandemic.


Aerial Cinematographer Uses Drones to Help Rescue Animals Following Natural Disasters

After a disaster hits, pets can be hard to find. A California man has been using his drone to help rescue animals and reunite them with their owners following natural disasters all over the world. His name is Douglas Thron, and he’s definitely not a novice when it comes to flying sUAS—his aerial cinematography resume is long, and includes impressive networks like National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He first got involved in rescuing animals after natural disasters hit when he flew to the Bahamas last year to deliver aid to hurricane victims. Since then he’s helped rescue koalas in Australia, as well as helping find and rescue animals following a hurricane in Louisiana and wildfires in California and Oregon.


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