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Drone News Roundup: DJI Releases Five Products in Ten Days, Ghost Ships Off the Coast of Virginia, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
23 October 2020

It’s October, which means we’d be remiss if we didn’t include something spooky in our roundup—to address the spook factor, we’re sharing images of ghost ships taken off the coast of Virginia this week (scroll to the end to see that story).

We’re also covering a huge wave of product releases from DJI over the last ten days, the leaked release of two professional drones from Autel, a missing 93-year-old woman who was found in just four minutes at night by a drone equipped with a thermal camera, and a secret beach in Mexico that can only be reached by swimming through a tunnel.

Now on to the links!

DJI Launches a Bevy of New Products—LiDAR Payload, New Gimbals, and the Pocket 2


Photo credit: DJI

As U.S. federal agencies begin to enforce the “Blue UAS-only” rule, DJI has continued to launch new products like crazy. In the last ten days, the drone giant has launched both the RS 2 and RSC 2 gimbals, which are professional-grade 3-axis camera gimbals; two new lower-cost LiDAR and Photogrammetry payloads  for the M300, which some high-end professional drone users are calling a “once in a decade” release; and the DJI Pocket 2 (shown above), which came out in an event-promoted release on October 20. Whew! That sure is a lot of releases, even for DJI.


Leaked Video Shows Autel Evo II Pro RTK and Autel EVO II Dual 640T RTK

Photo credit: Autel

A recent leak covered by DroneXL breaks the news that Autel’s Evo II Pro RTK and Dual 640T RTK drones will probably be heading to the U.S. any day now. The two new drones indicate a commitment from Autel to establish itself in the commercial drone landscape. The leak came in the form of a video posted to a Chinese video-hosting site called YouKu, indicating that Autel may be taking a page out of DJI’s book, and teasing leaks ahead of its releases to try and drum up excitement.


Drone Helps Find Missing 93-Year-Old Woman in Dark Field

In just four minutes, sheriff’s deputies in Cass County, Missouri were able to use a drone equipped with a thermal camera to locate a 93-year-old woman who had gone missing in a dark farm field. The drone used for the mission was a DJI Matrice 210, a common choice for public safety agency applications. Watch the video to learn more about how the woman went missing and how the M210 helped.


Drone Footage Shows Hidden Beach inside Crater in Mexico

What would you be willing to do to visit one of the most secluded, most beautiful beaches in the world? Drone footage (shown above) shared recently online shows a beach inside a crater on the west coast of Mexico. The beach can only be reached by taking a boat and then swimming through a short tunnel. The footage was shot by Tarsicio Suarez, and the name of the beach is Playa del Amor (Beach of Love), although it’s also reportedly been given another name by locals—Hidden Beach.


Ghost Ships Captured off the Coast of Virginia in Recent Drone Video


It’s October, and that means it’s the time for ghosts! Ghost ships, that is. The still above was taken from drone footage of ghost ships docked eternally off the coast of Virginia. Apparently, the ships were originally put in place to act as breakwaters for a port, but that port is no longer in use. So now the ships just sit there . . . being spooky. Follow the link below to see a short video featuring these ghoulish ships.


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