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Drone News Roundup: Pretty Pictures, Drone Hotels, And A Bunch of Locusts

BY Tres Crow
29 May 2020

This week’s Drone News Roundup is dedicated to firsts: the first Women in Aviation Advisory Board at the FAA, the world’s first “drone hotel,” and the first time drones have been used to battle swarms of locusts. So, settle back and check out these great stories of drone pioneers from around the world.

Onto the links!

From Where I Drone Releases Stunning Photo Book

Eyes Over The World Drone Photography

Image credit From Where I Drone

The good folks over at the incredibly popular Instagram account, From Where I Drone, have just released their first drone photography book. Edited by Drone Pilot Ground School partner, Dirk Dallas, this 208-page book is filled with over 170 full color drone photographs taken from all 7 continents. Here’s the description from the website:

The images are organized geographically into five distinct landscapes: water, arid, lush, urban and ice. This inspiring book will be the perfect addition to add to your photography book collection, keep on your coffee table or to use as a bucket list of places to explore…hopefully in the near future.



DroneBlocks Launches Monthly Membership

DroneBlocks STEM Membership

Image credit DroneBlocks

The popular STEM curriculum provider, DroneBlocks, has announced a monthly membership model that gives students online access to a wide variety of drone-related courses. Utilizing the DJI RYZE Tello, courses cover coding, photography, and flight skills. At $5/month, this is the perfect summertime purchase for the STEAM-minded student in your quarantined house.



India Fights Locusts With Drones

India fighting locusts with pesticide spraying drones

Image credit Matters India

In an unprecedented move, India has authorized the use of pesticide-spraying drones to combat the massive locust swarms hectoring farmers in key agricultural centers. India has relatively restrictive civilian UAS policies, but the locust swarms are forcing authorities to revisit the rules in specific use cases.

This is unprecedented for India since it’s the first time we’ve allowed drones to carry payloads in a civilian use case, or spray any pesticides for that matter. There have been some trials for crop spraying using drones, but those were strictly restricted to specific zones. In this exemption, the agriculture ministry can fly drones anywhere.



FAA Women In Aviation Advisory Board Makes Room For Drones

women in tech with drones

Image credit Shutterstock

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just named the 30 members of its Women in Aviation Advisory Board, according to reporting by The Drone Girl. While the Advisory Board does not have any dedicated slots for drone companies, the drone industry is still represented by two key members of the Board who have ties to the drone industry: Patricia Gilbert and Lindsey Dreiling.



Get Ready For Drone Hotels

eHang Drone Hotel LN Holdings

Image credit EHang

Passenger drone company EHang has just announced a partnership with hotel development group LN Holdings to create the world’s first “drone hotel.” According to a press release from EHang:

The program will promote the innovative integration of aerial sightseeing, traveler transportation, air logistics, aerial media light shows, intelligent exhibitions and education. It will also promote the new experience of air tourism and explore other commercial use cases for EHang AAVs.

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about this once they actually break ground.



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