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Drone Collides with Seattle Ferris Wheel, Busts Through Plastic Table

BY Alan Perlman
16 November 2015

Source: arstechnica
By: Cyrus Farivar


Local media reported Wednesday evening that a drone crashed into the Seattle Great Wheel, then crashed through a plastic dining table on a patio nearby.

The incident at the local Ferris wheel took place just after 4pm Pacific Time.

“It was a small drone that collided with the Great Wheel, security called us, and according to them it struck the wheel and fell to the ground,” Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson told Ars.

“There were no injuries. There was no damage to the wheel. We don’t know who owned the drone or who operated it. We collected it and have put the recovered drone into evidence.”

The police spokesman noted that absent a witness or errant pilot coming forward, it will be nearly impossible to ascertain who that person is.

Pictures of the drone surfacing online suggest the drone in question likely was a DJI Phantom 3.

Just last month, federal authorities said that they would begin a process to create a “national registry” of drones, presumably to mitigate incidents like this one.

In June 2015, a woman attending the Seattle Pride parade was knocked out when a drone fell from the sky, hitting her directly on the head.

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