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Drone Racing League Launches Consumer FPV Racing Drone, Kicks Off 2019 Season

BY Zacc Dukowitz
14 August 2019

Just in time for the 2019 season kickoff, the Drone Racing League (DRL) recently launched their new racing drone, the DRL Racer4.

The Drone Racing League Is Coming To NBC & Twitter

The 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship Season is DRL’s fourth season to date.

This season, twelve of the world’s top drone racing pilots will be flying a fleet of 600 custom-built DRL Racer4 drones. 2019 race courses will contain LED-lit gates on complex, three-dimensional tracks, and include features like narrow tunnels, hairpin-tight turns, and tight building dives in locations such as the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL, Allianz Field in St. Paul, MN, and the Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.

DRL’s 2019 season started just three days ago—want to watch the races? View the full DRL 2019 schedule here.

About the DRL Racer4

DRL is touting the Racer4 as the new official league standard for professional drone racing.

Introducing DRL Racer4 Street

Here are the Racer4’s specs:

  • Motors. Custom-designed, massive stators offer a quick, sizable torque curve that generates over 1,850g of thrust.
  • Battery Life. 2,200 mah Thunderpower 70C battery pack offers long flight times with little lag.
  • Propellers. DRL is calling these props “almost indestructible” in crashes.
  • Power. Ability to generate over 16 pounds of thrust, allowing the drone to accelerate from 0 to 90 MPH in under a second.
  • Toughness. A black, aerodynamic polycarbonate fuselage strengthened to take serious hits.
  • Lights. 1,000 LED pixels capable of animating into designs and patterns—this thing is bright.

The Racer4 Street, DRL’s New Consumer Drone

The Racer4 will also be available for purchase as the Racer4 Street, marking the first time that DRL has entered the consumer drone market.

The DRL Racer4 will make our 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship Season more competitive than ever and finally give our fans what they’ve been asking us for: a DRL drone they can fly.

– Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO & Founder of DRL

According to DRL, the Racer4 Street is a street-ready version of the Racer4, which means it can be flown out-of-the-box without any extra work required.

The drone is modular, featuring “plug-n-play” electronics, so it can be repaired within 15 minutes, making it a lot less intimidating as an option for those interested in improving their drone racing skills without having to learn how to build a drone.

drl-racer4 Photo credit: Drone Racing League

The Racer4 Street is being sold by DRL for $599. Find out more about the Racer4 Street and how to get one.

[Want to learn more about FPV racing drones and gear? Check out our guide to FPV drone systems.]

DRL and FPV Racing Technology

Creating racing drones and pushing the possibilities of drone racing technology has been part of DRL’s mission since its inception.

In an interview we did with DRL’s Founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski back in 2017, he told us that one of the main challenges for drone racing when DRL was first getting started was limited technology.

What we discovered as we began the journey of trying to build DRL into what it is today was that the main roadblock was technology. The drones being raced at that time used consumer, off-the-shelf tech that was simply not reliable or robust enough to really elevate drone racing to the level of a true sport.

– Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO & Founder of DRL

With the release of the Racer4, DRL continues to push the limits of what an FPV drone can do, which in turn pushes the limits of the sport of drone racing itself.

Drone Racing Competition Heating Up

Earlier this month DJI jumped into the FPV racing drone market with the launch of their own FPV Transmission System.

DJI - Introducing the DJI Digital FPV System

The new DJI FPV system includes FPV goggles, an FPV Air Unit Transmission Module, an FPV remote controller, and an FPV camera.

It’s the first FPV system to offer low latency video transmission signal, which is similar to high-performance analog systems. According to DJI, this breakthrough transmission technology is the next evolutionary step forward in drone racing technology.

Are you excited for the Racer4 and DRL’s new season? Chime in on this thread in the UAV Coach community forum to share your thoughts.

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