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FPV Racing Anyone? DR1 Announces 2017 Roster, Locations, and DHL Champions Series

BY Zacc Dukowitz
8 August 2017

Competition between DR1 and the Drone Racing League is seriously heating up, which is a win-win for all you FPV racing fans out there.

The title sponsors and locations were announced today for DR1’s upcoming 2017 season, which kicks off in October and will be airing internationally on Eurosport and Fox Sports.

The DHL Champions Series

DHL, a global leader in logistics and deliveries, has partnered with DR1 this year, and is the title sponsor of DR1’s 2017 Champions Series. (There will be three racing series this year put on by DR1—the Champions Series, the Micro Series, and the DR1 Invitational.)

Mountain Dew returns to DR1 in 2017 for their second continuous year as the presenting sponsor. Both DHL and Mountain Dew have a heritage of sponsoring motor racing, and they bring that background to their sponsorship of FPV drone racing, which serves to connect the newer sport of FPV racing to established high-octane extreme sports.

The DR1 Champions Series will be broadcast and streamed in over 100 countries in October and November, which is seriously impressive. The Drone Racing League claims only 75 countries reached this year—which is still a huge number—and I imagine DRL would have some qualms with DR1’s claim that they will be broadcasting drone racing to the largest audience ever recorded.

But when it comes to who’s bigger, we’ll let them duke it out. We just think it’s exciting that FPV drone racing has become such a big and popular sport in such a short period of time.

We have established a racing series that truly represents what drone racing really means with epic outdoor racing, elite drone racing teams, and a racing format that creates excitement and engagement for the pilots, viewers and spectators.

– Brad Foxhoven, CEO and Founder of DR1

Air Hogs has also signed on as a DR1 sponsor for the 2017 season. Check out their DR1 FPV racing drone, which was designed to let people try FPV racing without breaking the bank:

Air Hogs introduces FPV flying to its DR1 racing drone line

Another big sponsor for DR1’s 2017 season is the U.S. Army, which has signed on to present the Twitch TV show “DR1 Drone Tech” put on by DR1 every season.

An episode of Drone Tech from the 2016 season

Find out more about how you can watch DR1’s 2017 season.

The Locations

When it comes to reasons to watch FPV drone racing, the locations themselves are a big draw.

Just think about it—watching the world’s top pilots compete in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. That’s a winning combination.

DR1’s lineup of locations for the 2017 season looks amazing. The series will consist of five teams competing in six races in epic outdoor locations around the world, including these:

DR1-Trona Pinnacles

DR1-Mojave Boneyard

DR1-DHL Tower

DR1Spike Island

DR1-Isle of man

DR1-Bunowen Castle

The Pilots

The pilots for DR1’s 2017 season are some of the top in the world.

They have different backgrounds and ages, but they’ve all established themselves as stand-outs when it comes to FPV drone racing.

Here are some of the pilots that will be competing in DR1’s 2017 season:

DR1-Brian Morris

DR1-Cain Madere

DR1-Johnny Schaer

DR1-Shaun Taylor

This is the opportunity for us to test ourselves against the world’s best pilots in some of the most exciting race locations imaginable.

– Luke Bannister, Winner (at 15!) of the Inaugural World Drone Prix (among other awards)

About DR1 Racing

Currently managing three racing circuits, DR1 combines top pilots and scenic locations into high-octane racing event series, produced and distributed on a global scale.

DR1 events are broadcast in over 100 countries around the world. With a roster of best-in-class partners across broadcast media, brand sponsors, and licensed product extensions, DR1 is one of the leading drone racing companies out there.

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