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DJI’s Newly Released App Officially Supports Facebook Live Streaming

BY Alan Perlman
27 May 2016

Back in April, Facebook piqued the interests of drone enthusiasts around the world during their F8 expo where they announced live-streaming capabilities for DJI drones through their Facebook Live feature. This week, DJI and Facebook made good on their promise as DJI released its new control app on iOS, which supports Facebook Live streaming capabilities. Now pilots can live stream what they see to the world from Facebook’s video streaming platform.


DJI and Facebook are a Formidable Partnership

While sharing images and video has always been an integral part of the sUAS platform, it was prohibitively difficult to share these sights in real-time on the Internet. With the new steps forward, drone enthusiasts no longer need to download, export, and upload their videos to share their escapades online as the Facebook Live platform allows instantaneous viewership. This assuredly will be used to broadcast aerial shots of everything from concerts to competitions – the potential in this platform is extremely exciting.

Currently, the live streaming functionality is limited to the iOS DJI GO app, but DJI representatives ensure us that the same functionality will be coming to Android shortly. But for now, if you’re looking to take advantage of this feature, iOS is the way to go.

For those pilots skeptical or unsure of the Facebook Live platform, find comfort in the fact that DJI has no exclusivity planned for this functionality. In fact, DJI already is working with live streaming platform Periscope to bring video streaming and annotation features to drone video streaming. The DJI Go app also allowed for YouTube streaming, which rounds out a great list of choices for video streaming.

With streaming integrations from Facebook, YouTube and Periscope, DJI is continuing to offer consumers with easy-to-use features that make the drone ownership experience more approachable and enjoyable. We look forward to a day where we can connect with students in real-time to watch, assist, and correct flight techniques before the drone even touches the ground.

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