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Looking for Deals? Here Are Our Top Drone & Camera Picks from DJI’s Spring Sale

BY Zacc Dukowitz
21 January 2020

DJI just launched its 2020 spring sale. (We know, it’s a little early for spring—but we’re pretty sure the deals will make you overlook the title of the sale.)


In case you missed DJI’s holiday sales toward the end of 2019, its spring sale has some steep discounts on many top drones, including 13% off on the Mavic 2 Pro.

DJI’s increased tariff prices are still in place in the U.S., which might be the reason for the early spring sale. Either way, there are some great deals here, including several deals that bring the price below the original, pre-tariff prices.

The sale started yesterday and will run for two weeks, ending on Friday, January 31st at 11:59 p.m.

Let’s get straight to the deals:

DJI Spring Sale

Want to know more about the deals DJI is offering in its spring sale? Here is a little more information on our top picks from DJI’s spring sale:

Mavic 2 Pro

$1,729 Now $1,499—savings of $230


DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro has become a go-to drone for serious amateurs and professionals alike. For a savings of $230, this might be a great time to step up your gear and get a prosumer-grade drone you can use for quality aerial videography and photography.

Shop for the Mavic 2 Pro on the DJI website now.

Mavic 2 Fly More Kit

$439 Now $379—savings of $60


The Mavic 2 Fly More Kit comes with:

  • Multiple Intelligent Flight Batteries for a longer flight
  • Charge batteries while driving
  • Turn your batteries into power banks
  • Low-noise propellers for quieter flight
  • A versatile shoulder bag to carry everything

Shop for the Mavic 2 Fly More Kit on the DJI website now.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Kit

$1,610 Now $1,499—savings of $100


The Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Kit comes with:

  • A Mavic Pro Platinum
  • 2 Extra Mavic Pro Platinum Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • Mavic Pro Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers (Golden)
  • Mavic Pro Battery Charging Hub
  • Mavic Pro Car Charger
  • Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag
  • Mavic Pro Car Charger

Shop for the Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Kit on the DJI website now.

Mavic 2 Zoom

$1,439 Now $1,249—savings of $190

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Top Camera Drones

The Mavic 2 Zoom adds a special gimbal and camera to the classic Mavic 2 Pro design that allows for special zooming (as the name indicates), making it a solid drone for inspectors who need to get a closer look or videographers who want to capture more detail from a distance.

Shop for the Mavic 2 Zoom on the DJI website now.

Osmo Pocket

$399 Now $349—savings of $50


The Osmo Pocket is compact, intelligent, and the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed.

Shop for the Osmo Pocket on the DJI website now.

Osmo Action

$379 Now $279—savings of $100


The Osmo Action is a small, high-quality waterproof camera made for capturing action shots, made to go head-to-head with the GoPro Hero.

Shop for the Osmo Action on the DJI website now.

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