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DJI Phantom 5 Speculation and Leaked Photos Circulate the Web as Holidays Approach

BY Isabella Lee
15 November 2018

Thanks to a recent article from News Ledge and some revealing Twitter users, rumors of the DJI Phantom 5 are circulating on the web.

DJI Phantom 5 Leak

There is speculation that this image uploaded to Twitter shows Phantom 5 prototypes. Source: Twitter / @OsitaLV

There’s a reason why DJI fans are eager for a new Phantom release—who doesn’t have a soft spot for the o.g. consumer drone? In 2013 DJI released the Phantom 1, their first ready-to-fly consumer drone. While the early technology left much to wanting, lacking an integrated camera and self-stabilization, the Phantom 1 still captured a loyal band of consumers for DJI. Now, in 2018 DJI has solidified themselves as the world’s leading producer of consumer drones, with a 74% global market share in 2018 according to SkyLogic Research.

Will the Phantom 5 launch before the end of 2018 (if at all)?

Much of 2018 has been dedicated to advancing the DJI Mavic series. We’ve seen three new additions to the line of portable, consumer drones, including the Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, and Mavic 2 Enterprise. Plus, DJI recently upgraded the current Phantom model, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, with OcuSync 2.0 and RTK. With these recent additions to the DJI line of camera drones, it’s likely that DJI is satisfied with their holiday lineup. It’s hard to imagine they will announce the Phantom 5 before Christmas. But if you’re in the mood to start your holiday shopping, check out this 2018 Drone Holiday Gift Guide.

The leaked images uploaded on Twitter show interchangeable lenses with varying focal lengths, which is something Phantom users have been asking DJI to add to the next Phantom edition. DJI has stated that the drone in the photos uploaded to Twitter is not a Phantom 5 prototype. They claim the images show a modified Phantom 4 Pro drone designed for an enterprise client. Below are some of the images in question.

While we don’t completely buy DJI’s statement, there is some plausibility to their claim. It could be that this is just a one-off customized drone for a client, but why go through all the R&D for just one client while your larger consumer audience has been calling for interchangeable lenses all along?

Possible Release Date for the Phantom 5 | DJI Plans “Because Life is Big” Event

Dates of a possible Phantom 5 release remain up for speculation. However, DJI does have a big announcement planned for November 28th at an upcoming press event in New York. The event is titled “Because Life is Big.” The graphics used to promote the event feature what looks like a zoom lens and an outer space environment.

DJI Event Because Life is Big

Some have speculated that if the upcoming “Because Life is Big” event isn’t for a Phantom 5 release, DJI may announce a new AR/VR related product, such as goggles, instead. What do you think DJI has planned for the “Because Life is Big” event? Sound off in this thread on our community forum.

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