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Can I Use the DJI Phantom 2 to Film Extreme Sports?

BY Alan Perlman
5 February 2015

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Can I use a DJI Phantom 2 to film extreme sports?

It depends on what your goals are as a filmmaker, and what type of DJI Phantom 2 you have.

Take a sport like ultimate frisbee, or soccer. The camera in a DJI Phantom 2 Vision presents a wide angle that makes the playing field look much longer than it actually is. The frisbee, or ball, would be very tough to track.

To get any kind of decent footage, you’d need to be very close to the subject you’re filming, and at that point you’d likely be a distraction to the game.

dji phantom 2 extreme sports

You can experiment with different definitions (720p vs. 1080p) or try different FPS combinations, but what you’ll end up finding is that the footage you can safely capture is a very particular kind of footage.

A DJI Phantom 2 (not the Vision) can be used with a GoPro, which will offer a different type of video quality, but you’re more or less thinking about the same things as a filmmaker.

You should also think about perspective and consider the type of shots you’re looking to capture. A UAV is great for broad, sweeping shots of a mountain landscape. Birds eye shots, wistful pans, orbit rotations around a fixed subject. That kind of thing.

I mean, what drone pilot Lec Park was able to do with Danny MacAskill in his film, The Ridge, is pretty incredible. We regularly post top UAV videos, many of them in the action or extreme sports space. Check them out for inspiration!

Do you use your DJI Phantom 2 to shoot extreme sports?

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