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Gap Wireless to Demo DJI’s Matrice 200 Series at the Big Drone Show

BY Zacc Dukowitz
11 August 2017

We wrote recently that there was some big—but still top secret—news expected about the Big Drone Show this year. One of these big announcements was just made public, and we’re excited to share the news.

[To learn more about attending the Big Drone Show in Toronto, visit their website.]

The big news is that Gap Wireless, already a distribution partner for DJI in Canada, will be unveiling DJI’s latest industrial drones at the Big Drone Show this year, specifically its Matrice 200 line of drones. That’s right—attendees of the Big Drone Show will get to see these big, powerful drones in action.

Although the Matrice 200 line was released earlier this year, having them on display for those interested in using drones for enterprise solutions helps close the gap (no pun intended) to drive adoption for companies that have a real need for drone solutions, but may have been slow to implement up to this point.

DJI’s Matrice 200 series drones are purpose-built for industrial users to perform aerial inspections and collect data, and help make drone technology accessible and affordable for enterprises with aerial imaging and mapping needs (scroll down to learn more about the Matrice 200).

“DJI is the world’s leader in drones and has a stellar reputation in the industry. We can’t wait to welcome them to Toronto.”

– Adam Sax, President and CEO of The Sky Guys

In addition to hosting DJI’s Matrice drones, Gap Wireless will also be exhibiting at the Big Drone Show. Gap Wireless is a leading distributor of products and services for the mobile broadband and wireless markets, and has become a major provider of drone solutions for carriers and enterprises in Canada and the U.S. They supply UAV products and solutions spanning aircraft, cameras & sensors, software, regulatory/training solutions, and drone defense.

About the Big Drone Show

The Big Drone Show is Canada’s premier drone event and it’s taking flight in Toronto, Canada September 27th and 28th. The team behind it are innovators doing impressive work to push the drone industry forward.


The Big Drone Show is a two-day event that will provide an all-encompassing view of the industry, from groundbreaking technology to the various applications, showcasing the immense value drones can bring to commercial businesses.

The goal of The Big Drone Show is to connect the global drone community with local drone industries and drone professionals within Canada.

The Big Drone Show is co-produced by Cambridge House International and The Sky Guys, and will feature:

  • 50+ exhibitors, with exciting product releases promised
  • 40+ invited speakers
  • A B2B Meeting Zone for connecting industry professionals
  • A 2 day Hackathon
  • The Toronto Drone Film Festival
  • Attendance by the top players in the drone industry, including those in commercial, government, and defense sectors, as well as academics interested in drones and drone technology.

If you’re looking to make contacts in the drone industry, it’s worth attending just to set up business meetings in theB2B Meeting Zone. The Big Drone Show is actually connecting companies with vendors for meetings—all registered attendees can set up one-on-one business meetings and all exhibiting companies have access to set-up meetings with conference speakers and qualified buyers.

Interested in attending? Register on The Big Drone Show website now, and make sure to use the code UAVCOACH for a hefty discount of 25% off of what is already a very low price of $90. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the registration link.)

About the Matrice 200

The M200 series comes in three versions: the M200; M210; and M210 RTK.

Each one is built to meet the needs of various industry applications, spanning critical infrastructure inspections, construction site mapping, energy facility inspections, and public safety.

DJI Matrice 200

The Matrice 200 is also well-equipped for public/government sector applications, such as search & rescue in rain or other harsh weather, or firefighting scenarios in extreme conditions.

These drones are tough and rugged, and made for flight in rain and other inhospitable conditions.

Matrice 200 in the rain

As an industrial tool, the Matrice 200 is rated IP (Ingress Protection) 43, which means that it’s waterproof and can fly in the rain just fine. It can also fly in sub-zero temperatures, with a heating system that kicks in to keep the batteries and sensors warm when under freezing conditions (pretty cool, right?).

The M200 has a closed-shell body, which allows for added portability and ease-of-use, and this also means that it can be knocked around without breaking.

DJI – Introducing the Matrice 200 Series

The Two Companies Putting On the Big Drone Show

The Sky Guys are some of the top providers in Canada for  drone solutions and technology, providing proprietary drone technology and data analytics for commercial and industrial applications through their technology division, Defiant Labs. They offer specialized UAV services to over 600 clients, using a unique approach to capture data, aerial video and photography, and conduct infrastructure inspections and 3D mapping.

Cambridge House International has been building flagship, must-attend events for over 25 years, providing industries with the platform for networking, education and investment discovery.

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