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After a Slow 2019, DJI Rumored to Release 3 New Drones in 2020

BY Zacc Dukowitz
29 January 2020

2019 was a slow year for DJI.

And at CES 2020, the venue where many companies choose to launch their latest and greatest, the company had no big product launches.

DJI spun this notable absence by saying it would be showcasing the company’s “wide product portfolio,” which was really just a fancy way of saying: no new drones.

The lag in production could be attributed in part to U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods driving up the cost of production, privacy concerns the company wanted to squelch before a new launch, or the widespread embezzlement discovered within the company around this time last year.

Some have speculated that DJI intentionally delayed the production of new drone models over the last year, pending the release of major drone laws in places like the European Union and elsewhere around the world.

But with the FAA’s proposed Remote ID rule still being hashed out in the U.S., we’re not sure that new legislation could fully account for DJI’s lack of showing—not if it’s getting ready to launch three new drones this year without that rule yet finalized.

Three New DJI Drones Rumored for 2020—Mavic 3, Matrice 300, and Mavic Air 2

Whatever the cause for DJI’s slow 2019, it looks like 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for DJI fans.

Right now rumors are circulating that DJI will be launching three new drones this year: the Mavic 3, the Matrice 300, and the Mavic Air 2.

Here is what we know so far about each drone and when it might be released.

Mavic 3

Initial rumors had the Mavic 3 launching at the end of January but that clearly is no longer the case, since we just have two days left in the month and haven’t heard anything yet.

DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro

Some have speculated that the launch of the Autel EVO II at CES 2020 may have influenced DJI’s decision to push back the launch of the Mavic 3 in order to improve its specs, so it can better compete with the EVO II.

And this makes sense when you look at the EVO II.

While the Autel EVO was clearly designed to go head-to-head with the Mavic Pro, the Autel EVO II was designed to beat the Mavic 2 Pro.

Check out this side-by-side comparison:

 CameraFlight TimeWeight Max SpeedRange
Evo II8K, 48 MP40 min2.48 lbs45 mph5.5 miles
Mavic 2 Pro4K, 20 MP30 min2.00 lbs45 mph5.0 miles

Regarding specs for the Mavic 3, rumors say that the video quality will be on par or better than that provided in the Phantom 4 Pro. We may also expect to see a longer range and longer flight time to compete with the impressive 40 minute flight time of the EVO II.

Matrice 300

Rumors currently have the Matrice 300 being released in late February.

However, if the Mavic 3 rumors are true and its release has been delayed, these delays could impact the launch of the M300 as well as the Mavic Air 2, since DJI probably won’t want to push these new models out without providing some time to promote each one.

DJI’s Matrice 200

The big rumor right now about the Matrice 300 is that several DJI employees based in the U.S. traveled to China recently to get ready for its launch. If true, this story would be the most substantial evidence out there for the imminent launch of the M300.

The M300 will reportedly replace the Matrice 200 and 210, which are used primarily by public safety agencies. The M200 and M210 have had issues with falling from the sky due to moisture. Some are speculating that the M300 will address these issues, making it an upgraded, more reliable professional drone for police, firefighters, and search & rescue personnel.

Mavic Air 2

When it comes to possible specs we’ve heard the most about the Mavic Air 2, the next generation of DJI’s popular Mavic Air.

DJI’s Mavic Air

So far, what we’ve heard is that the Mavic Air 2 will have:

  • Higher quality 4K video
  • Improved battery life
  • New, quieter motors
  • New props
  • Improved design
  • An ambarella processor
  • 360-degree obstacle avoidance

But while we have more spec-related information for the Mavic Air 2, we haven’t heard anything about its possible release date.

That being said, the Mavic Air 2 could be the first of these three drones to be launched this year.

Here’s why.

Some of the rumors out there say the Mavic 2 Air will be the first consumer drone from DJI with ADS-B receivers, a technology that picks up signals from nearby planes and helicopters and warns drone pilots if they appear to be on a collision course. (This technology would be included in the drone via DJI’s AirSense alert system.)

In May last year, DJI said that all new drone models released after January 1, 2020 that weigh more than 250 grams will include ADS-B receivers.

Since all three of the models discussed in this article will probably weigh over 250 grams, if the Mavic Air 2 is the first model released with ADS-B then that means it will also be the first drone that DJI releases this year.

But of course this is all just based on rumor and speculation.

We won’t know exactly what is coming out this year until it actually launches, but it is nice to be hearing buzz about new DJI products after such a slow 2019.

What Won’t We See from DJI in 2020?

Some other drone models that people have been hankering for from DJI are the Phantom 5, the Inspire 3, and the Matrice 600.

But it doesn’t seem likely that any of these will come out this year.

In fact, some are speculating that the Phantom line may be completely done. That being said, DJI did start production again on the Phantom 4 Pro earlier this month, so who knows?

Excited to hear about these new drones from DJI? Think we’ll actually see all three of these drones come out in 2020? Hop into this thread on the UAV Coach community forum to share your thoughts.

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