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BonaDrone Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for the Mosquito – The World’s First Customizable, 3D-printed Drone

BY Alan Perlman
6 April 2016

Over the past few months, we’ve been going back and forth with the guys over at BoneDrone about their upcoming 3D-printed, customizable drone and their related crowdfunding campaign for it. Well today, they’ve officially launched their crowdfunding campaign for the modular drone. What’s even more exciting is that I’ve convinced the team to mail me a sample kit so that I can detail the process and show you all what it is really like to go through the process. So, look forward to more posts in the future as I go through the build process.

While I’m waiting for the kit to arrive, check out their campaign and press release, below, to learn more about what they’re doing and help fund their campaign if it is something that interests you.


On Wednesday April 6th, Barcelona-based BonaDrone is launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring the world’s first 3D-printed, customizable, and modular drone to the consumer market. Alongside 3D-printed merchandise and drone accessories, backers have the chance to pre-order BonaDrone’s Mosquito drone, which the company expects to start shipping in September this year.

After years in development, the Mosquito is a drone ready to offer a different way of doing things. Users can choose the color and accessories of their Mosquito, as well as having the opportunity to upgrade the material used before building their own drone from scratch out of 3D-printed parts. This customizable approach means that every user, from tech-lovers to engineering, DIY, and RC enthusiasts, can have a unique drone.

Mosquito by BonaDrone

Mosquito by BonaDrone

The Mosquito also comes with several autonomous flight features built-in, including a Follow- Me function, flight planning, and a Return-to-Launch capability in case of an emergency.
Full customization is just the beginning. Ready to go, BonaDrone has designed and tested two accessories users can purchase with their drone – a gimbal to attach a camera for stable video photography, and a hook for transporting objects with ease. Further down the road BonaDrone will ask users to suggest new accessories and functionalities for the Mosquito, which will then be designed and made available to the community.

For the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign, BonaDrone has partnered with 3D Hubs, the largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. The team at BonaDrone team is made up of five friends from Barcelona, Spain. In a statement before the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign, Josep, Jordi, Àlex, Dani and Pep said:

“We hope that our project will get a great reception, and see this campaign as a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about drones and 3D-printing, both inside and outside of the technology community. The aim is to give our users the tools and the knowledge to self- meet their drone expectations. We are also keen to receive feedback on our Mosquito drone, develop new products and accessories, and inspire creativity within the community we hope to create.”

BonaDrone was founded with the aim of bringing technology closer to the end user. The company hopes to promote both creativity and an interest in learning about how their technology all fits together. In a sea of tech startups looking for investment, BonaDrone stands out as a unique option for those keen to support an innovative project that brings together two of the most exciting tech trends in recent years: Drones & 3D Printing.

Background on BonaDrone’s Mosquito – The World’s First 3D-printed, Customizable Drone

There are three levels of customization when you get your own Mosquito. The first is based on appearance, and involves selecting a color for any part of the drone, including the logo on the top cover.

Second, users can choose from a range of accessories to give their drone a specific functionality. If you want a drone for photography, choose the gimbal. If you want it to carry something, select the hook. These accessories are easily interchangeable, and eventually BonaDrone hope to extend the amount of accessories available to customers after a successful IndieGoGo campaign.
Lastly, buyers can decide if they want to improve the performance of their Mosquito drone. This can be done by replacing part of the frame with carbon fiber, upgrading the flight controller or transforming from a 4 propeller quadcopter into an 8 propeller octocopter.

On top of complete customization, BonaDrone also gives users the opportunity to decide how to receive their drone:

  • In Pieces – with full assembly and electronic instruction manuals included, this is perfect for users keen to enjoy the experience of building a drone from the ground up
  • Ready to fly – fully assembled and ready straight out of the box

Anyone can pilot a Mosquito, even those who haven’t taken control of a drone before. BonaDrone’s first UAV is an easy-to-fly quadcopter preloaded with a number of flight modes. These help newbies enjoy the flight experience as much as an experienced pilot. Features include one-touch landing, where your drone will, in the case of any trouble, automatically return to its starting point and land. A virtual barrier can also be put in effect to keep the Mosquito inside a safety zone. On top of these functions, the Mosquito can be piloted without a remote control, using a mobile device and a Follow Me function. Alternatively, just set up a predefined route in Google Maps.

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