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Blue Angels Near Miss Tops This Week’s Drone News Roundup

BY Tres Crow
15 May 2020

So many wild things happened this past week in the drone industry that we simply had to do another Drone News Roundup. From InterDrone delivering a new online platform, LaunchPad, to a drone pilot nearly crashing into the Blue Angels in Detroit, we have it all. So, sit back, get your scrolling fingers warmed up, and let’s get linking!

Idiot Almost Makes A $66m Mistake

Silly dude almost crashes his drone into the Blue Angels

Image credit goes to whoever flew their drone this close to the Blue Angels

On May 12th the Blue Angels continued their ongoing series of AmericaStrong flyovers by zipping through the skies over Detroit, MI. This time, however, they were joined by the little quadcopter that could, who ventured a touch too high into the sky and almost ran splat into one of the jet fighters. Admittedly, it’s pretty cool footage, but the FAA rules are there to keep everyone flying safely and this sort of adventuring could be a total disaster. Besides, a F-15 Hornet currently runs a cool $66m, so unless you have that lying around, it’s best to keep your drone close to the ground during aerial military displays.



InterDrone Launches A New Subscription Service

LaunchPad by InterDrone

Image credit InterDrone

In a move that couldn’t come at a more perfect time, the annual drone conference, InterDrone, has unveiled a new subscription service called LaunchPad. Pulling together presentations, podcasts, and articles from years of putting on one of the world’s premier drone conferences, LaunchPad looks to be a cool new information channel for professional drone pilots. It couldn’t come at a better time, too, since InterDrone has had to move the conference back from May to December.



99% Of Public Safety Agencies Use Foreign Drones

Police officer with drone

Image credit Drone Radio Show

Sally French over at The Drone Girl dove into the latest Public Safety Report by the Bard College Center for the Study of the Drone and wrote about one of the report’s juiciest bits of information: just 1% of American public safety agencies use drones made in the U.S. The article is a perfect companion piece for our latest article on the state of the U.S. drone manufacturing industry, which we released this week as well. With DJI, Yuneec, and Autel rounding out the top three most popular public safety drone manufacturers, it’s clear Chinese companies are winning the drone race. But will security and privacy concerns help U.S. drone companies catch back up? It’s an open question, but, ironically, public safety agencies might hold the first clue.



Startup Is Using Drones To Disinfect Stadiums

EagleHawk disinfecting drones

Image credit EagleHawk

Drone startup EagleHawk has started testing a DJI Matrice 600 rigged with a boom arm to disinfect stadium seats. Like other use cases where drones have proven effective (like mapping, land surveying, and tower inspections), disinfecting stadiums by air appears to be much more efficient and scalable than having individuals wash every seat by hand. In an era when drones seem to be proposed as the solution to every industrial problem, this is a legitimately novel use case that could certainly have legs in the post-COVID world.



Tech Wizard Shows Off Mind-Reading Drones On Britain’s Got Talent

Magical drones hanging with Simon Cowell

Image credit DroneDJ

I know this is the last place you thought you’d see an article about Britain’s Got Talent, but on a recent episode of the show, the so-called Creative Technologist, Marco Tempest, used a small swarm of facial recognition drones in order to perform a truly unique magic trick. You really have to see it to believe it.



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