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AUVSI Announces 5 Educational Tracks for XPONENTIAL 2019 Including Tracks for Public Safety, Engineers, and Drone Tech Users

BY Isabella Lee
21 February 2019

Thousands of people from the unmanned systems community will gather this spring at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 conference and trade show. If you’re a drone technology user, policymaker, regulator, public safety personnel, developer, or engineer, then this event is of special interest to you. AUVSI has announced five educational tracks for the conference, including a drone tech user track, policy track, public safety UAS track, technology track, and trending topics track.


The Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) will provide more than 150 educational sessions of programming presented by over 300 speakers at the conference, scheduled to take place April 29 to May 2, at McCormick Place in Chicago. This huge event draws people, speakers, and exhibitors from across the globe to come see what’s current and what’s ahead for the industry.

Five Educational Tracks Offered at XPONENTIAL 2019

Trade shows and conferences provide excellent opportunities to advance your career, because they bring all the right people, resources, and technology to one location. Having all this under one roof for multiple, consecutive days gives you a plethora of opportunities to advance your career or business. You can spend each day building relationships with key players in the industry, increasing your knowledge with talks hosted by experts, and have hands-on experiences with the latest technology.

Some may find such a large-scale event overwhelming, since it can be difficult to determine how to best spend your time. Narrowing down which of the 150+ sessions are right for you can be quite a task. In order to ensure attendees spend their time wisely, AUVSI has organized the sessions into five tracks. These tracks will help attendees determine which sessions will be most relevant and beneficial for their particular interests.

All XPONENTIAL sessions will fall into at least one primary track.

The five tracks are:

  • Drone Tech User
  • Policy
  • Public Safety UAS
  • Technology
  • Trending Topics

Continue reading to find out what types of topics will be addressed in each track.

Drone Tech User Track

Delineated by experience level, sessions in this track will address topics from building a business case for the use of drones to scaling operations across an enterprise. The track will also include best practices, skills and competencies from the AUVSI Trusted Operator Program, an industry certification program that represents the consensus of training providers, certifying bodies, remote pilots, and enterprise end-users.

Policy Track

During these sessions, leaders shaping unmanned systems regulation and policy for unmanned aircraft, automated vehicles, and maritime systems relay the information that matters to businesses. With dedicated panel discussions, tailored presentations and numerous opportunities to connect, attendees will emerge from XPONENTIAL armed with the most up-to-date insights from key regulators and policymakers.

Public Safety UAS Track

This two-day track of programming offers public safety practitioners the opportunity to engage with each other and experts in the field while discussing key issues of interest to the community. Experienced emergency responders and public safety veterans will lead insightful panel sessions and stand-alone presentations.

Technology Track

These curated sessions designed for engineers, developers, technologists, and researchers will provide the latest technology trends and advancements impacting unmanned systems and robotics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, payload advancements, as well as software and hardware developments. Attendees will discover how advanced capabilities can fit within their technology roadmap, research and development initiatives, and business strategies.

Trending Topics Track

This track will address the industry’s fastest growing markets and top technology trends from the latest research and updates on emerging applications to state-of-the-art developments in technology areas like blockchain and artificial intelligence. There will be presentations by leaders who are pushing the envelope by tackling the industry’s most difficult challenges while highlighting near-term opportunities.

AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry. The 2019 exhibit hall will showcase 700 cutting-edge companies from around the world and more than 150 sessions of educational programming, providing information about the future of unmanned systems policy, technology, business solutions, and trending topics.

Registration for XPONENTIAL 2019 is open. For more information, visit

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