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5 Must-Have Drone Accessories

BY Alan Perlman
8 July 2015

This is a guest post from Blake Anderson, owner of, an U.S.-based drone ecommerce store. Blake pilots a Walkera Voyager 3 and 3DR Iris+ and loves to share his enthusiasm and deep knowledge about this incredible technology with all beginner or expert drone lovers around the globe.

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You have your new drone all shiny in your hands & have practiced flying stuff a lot of times to be ready for your drone. But, this lovely, shiny new gadget would have to wait. Why you ask? Because chap, you have not bought all the lovely drone accessories to make it 10X better!

What accessories eh? It’s just not a drone by itself you know. When you bought your phone, you also got a charger, new earphones, maybe an extra battery, & a new cover. So, why not for your drone?

drone accessories you must have

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Here are top 5 accessories to make your drones look amazing.

Propeller Guards

The sharp propellers of your drone are just what cause nicks & cuts that you keep having & not come to know how to stop them. A slight miscalculation or carelessness can give you a nick. And, let’s think about the trees & the plants. Everytime your drone comes in contact with a plant (you can’t plan for all of them now), the blades are going to damage that plant. Some flights down the same flight path, you are begging for a fight.

Get propeller blades to protect yourself, plants, & other people from those sharp edges. An added bonus, your drone will look snazzier than the others!

Extra Batteries

Current flight times are no more than 15 minutes to half an hour & if you are feeling like flying your drone, for let’s say more than an hour, going back to recharge the batteries & then loading them & then flying it. Ugh, sounds boring.

So, be smart. Keep extra batteries handy, especially stronger ones. Once, you et the signal that the drone battery is about to die, you call it down & replace them. Easy-peasy. And, you don’t get a break in your flying schedule.

You want a better solution hey chap? Then keep your eyes peeled, drone tech is changing really fast, you never know when the solar charging batteries or lithium ion batteries that give hours of flight time might become commonly available.

Landing Gear

If your drone comes with great landing gear in-built that’s great news. But, some drones need extra landing gears that are higher, wider & lighter. These external landing gears can help you make better landings without all those crashes.

LED Lights

Ah, to see a flying lighted object, what a treat. On the plus side you can even give those alien obsessed people something to talk about when they an unidentified all-lit up, flying object.

drone accessories led lights

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No, seriously, adding lighting gear or some cool LED lights is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your drone & will make your night flights much more doable. Instead of gaping in the dark, you will actually be able to see where your drone is.

Carrying Case

Show your drone some care & buy a carrying case that is exactly for your drone’s model. If you can find on which has place for drone accessories that would make it extremely easy for you to carry, store & protect your drone for a longer time.

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