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3D Robotics Solo: The Most Technically Advanced Drone For Filming

BY Alan Perlman
8 May 2015

We are all well aware of the fact that drones represent marvellous devices that can be used to capture some of the most amazing footage. However, until now, there hasn’t been a consumer drone that could fill all of our filming needs. But it seems like this is about to change with the introduction of the 3DR Solo.

3d robotics solo

This smart drone is basically the result of years of work that has been carried out between 3D Robotics and GoPro. As a result, birth was given to a very interesting device, that features full in-flight camera control (a feature that wasn’t fully available until now), together with live HD streaming directly to mobile devices, which makes the 3DR Solo drone one of the most technologically advanced from a filming point of view.

However, to integrate these features, the Solo drone had to be given an interesting system that would act as an artificial brain for the device, thus mitigating deep integration with the GoPro cameras.

To put things better into perspective, the drone’s intelligence is based on an on-board Linux computer which has the capability to run apps for object tracking and vision, as well as artificial intelligence, needed for a few more features. Together with this, the 3DR Solo drone has also been given a powerful long-distance broadband connection, which allows it to transmit low-latency HD video, along with telemetry and flight data that can then be used to literally give the pilot eyes on what the drone is up to.

3dr solo drone

By making sure the Solo gimbal is able to tap into the Hero port that can be found on the back of the GoPro camera, the company has found a wise way to allow users to have control over their camera while in-flight. Not only that, but users can also change shooting modes, settings, or turn it on/off, which can all be done directly from the ground.

By putting all of these powerful features together, the 3D Robotics Solo is basically a dream of a quadcopter, and most probably the most advanced to hit the market as of this moment. Not only will the drone grant customers the unprecedented capability of shooting amazing video while flying the device, but the new remote control will also make it an absolute pleasure to fly.

Based on all the news and reviews that have circulated at, chances are that the 3DR Solo drone will sell a lot once it becomes available for sale. That is totally understandable considering the fact that it offers a ton of unique features and is designed to be future-proof, which other drones that are on the market lack at this moment in time.

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