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Women and Drones Announces 2020 List of Women to Watch and Other Global Award Winners

BY Zacc Dukowitz
7 October 2020

Women and Drones just announced their 2020 Women to Watch honorees, as well as the winners of their annual global awards.

One thing you notice right away when scanning the 2020 Women to Watch winners is how international the list is. This award is truly global, with winners from all over the world—honorees this year hail from the U.S., Brazil, Australia, and Switzerland.

This year’s global award winners are also an international group—as the name makes clear—with winners based in Kenya, the U.S., and Switzerland.

Below we cover the list of four Women to Watch recognized this year by Women and Drones, and also briefly cover the three global award winners for the Humanitarian Team Award, the Fox Piloting Innovation Award, and the Global Ambassador Award.

The 2020 Women to Watch Honorees

Women and Drones’ Women to Watch awards recognizes women who are working to push the drone industry forward. This year four women were recognized in four different areas—public safety, entrepreneurship, education, and leadership.

The award is designed to acknowledge and motivate women who are driving change and leading the drone industry closer to gender parity. In creating this list, we aim to raise the profile of women doing amazing work and to encourage more women to embrace UAS technology.

Women and Drones

Watch the video below for an overview of the winners, and read more to learn more about each one of them.

Women And Drones Announces Their 2020 Women To Watch List

Susan Minne—Public Safety Winner


Cedar Park Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management—U.S.A.

Public Safety flights have turned a passion into a life-changing mission.

Minne serves as a volunteer and lead pilot for the Cedar Park, Texas office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  She responds to calls for sUAS assistance from police and fire units as well as assists in the administration of the citywide Public Safety sUAS training program.

Raquel Molina—Entrepreneurship Winner


Founder and CEO, Futuriste Tecnologia—Brazil

May this award be an example that with dedication we all can fly high!

A pioneer in the Brazilian drone market, Raquel has grown her company, Futuriste Tecnologia into one of the largest drone training companies in Brazil. Raquel was Brazil’s first female drone instructor. She created the “Drone Without Barriers” program, which provides free training for physically disabled people to operate drones and also finds time to serve as a volunteer mentor in several projects to support female entrepreneurship.

Kaye North—Education Winner


Education Queensland—Australia

We are inspiring and empowering our girls by using drones in today’s classrooms.

Kaye devotes time to inspiring students and fellow teachers by engaging them with drones. She shares with schools the value of drones within curriculum and provides professional development to teachers. Kaye also directs science students to design and code drones capable of delivering survival packages during disasters and creates opportunities for high school girls to develop drone pilot license programs.


Denise Soesilo—Leadership Winner


Co-Founder, Outsight International—Switzerland

Inclusion and diversity are essential to our future with responsible technologies.

Denise has been at the forefront of the implementation of UAS for development and humanitarian aid. She is involved in cargo drone operations in Africa, coordinating between regulators, UTM providers and nine drone companies to enable their flying operations. Denise is also the lead facilitator between industry, donors and regulators for the progression of UAV technology.

2020 Humanitarian Team Award

Winner—Kenya Flying Labs


The Humanitarian Team Award recognizes co-ed teams, organizations or companies with a primary focus of using drones for good. The organization must have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key roles on the team and/or in leadership positions.

Kenya Flying Labs Named Humanitarian Team Award Recipient

2020 Fox Piloting Innovation Award

Winner—UPS Flight Forward


UPS Flight Forward Inc. is a pioneer in the budding drone delivery industry, innovating new services that give customers a competitive edge while bolstering the UPS Smart Logistics Network. One of the company’s greatest strengths is its commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture that prizes the contribution of women to develop technology and processes that benefit customers and lessen UPS’s environmental impact.

UPS Honored for Drone Program Innovation and Inclusion

2020 Global Ambassador Award

Winner—We Robotics


The Global Ambassador Award was developed to acknowledge an organization using “drones for good” advocacy and outreach that also fosters a culture of female empowerment. Women And Drones is pleased to announce WeRobotics as the recipient of the 2020 Global Ambassador Award.

2020 Global Ambassador: WeRobotics

Excited to hear about this year’s winners? Share your thoughts in this thread on the UAV Coach community forum.

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