Google is Hiring Pilots for Two of Its Drone Projects

Source: Business Insider
By: Matt Weinberger


Capt. Ryan Jodoi, a UAV pilot, flies an MQ-9 Reaper while Airman 1st Class Patrick Snyder controls a full motion video camera at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan, March 13, 2009, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

If you’re ready to fly the Google skies, the search giant is hiring test pilots for its two big drone initiatives, as revealed in a pair of new job postings, as noticed earlier by IDG News.

If you want to take the helm at Project Wing, Google’s drone package delivery service, you have to be “an expert RC pilot who will act as chief test pilot that will help the team execute flight tests on custom UAS platforms.”

Under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, drones like Project Wing that fly under a certain altitude need a human pilot, even though Google could probably have it fly itself.

Not only will you get to be the remote pilot of the drone, says the listing, but you’ll get to fly the “chase aircraft” that will follow it around and take measurements.

Meanwhile, Titan Aerospace is a little more science-fictional: Bought by Google in 2014, it makes the Solara, a solar-powered drone that flies well above the zone where you’d need a human pilot.

The eventual idea is that the Solara would be able to fly for a lot longer than a normal drone, well above normal so aircraft cruising altitudes, beaming satellite internet access down to underserved communities beneath it.

Now, Titan is seeking a pilot to help test and refine the aircraft. That pilot, who should have experience with both experimental and electric aircraft, will be called upon to run test flights out of Google’s New Mexico testing zone, along with other tests in “remote locations.”

Google is ramping up to start delivering packages with Project Wing by 2017. If you’ve got the right stuff, they could apparently use your help.

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