Author: Zacc Dukowitz

Zacc Dukowitz is the Director of Marketing for UAV Coach. A writer with professional experience in education technology and digital marketing, Zacc is passionate about reporting on the drone industry at a time when UAVs can help us live better lives. Zacc also holds the rank of nidan in Aikido, a Japanese martial art, and is a widely published fiction writer. Zacc has an MFA from the University of Florida and a BA from St. John's College. Follow @zaccdukowitz or check out to read his work.
Up Sonder alt logo

Meet Up Sonder, the First Crowdsourced Drone Rental and Commercial Pilot Marketplace

Los Angeles-based startup Up Sonder is the first drone company to provide crowdsourced drone rentals and commercial pilot operations. Up Sonder is ready to soar (if you’re wondering about the name, sonder is an anagram for drones). The first peer-to-peer on-demand drone marketplace, ​Up Sonder recently opened shop in a number of major cities, leveraging UberRUSH’s technology to deliver drones in New… Read more →

Ehang 184 Dubai Taxi Drone

Say What? Drone Taxis Arrive in Dubai this Summer

Last week we wrote about Ehang’s record-breaking light show in Guangzhou, China, in which 1,000 drones were used in a drone swarm. The previous record-holder was Intel, with a swarm of 500 drones, and Lady Gaga’s recent halftime performance at the Super Bowl used 300 of Intel’s drones, popularizing the drone swarm right before Ehang’s record-breaking show. But now Ehang is making… Read more →

BVLOS drone flight

Inside BVLOS, the Drone Industry’s Next Game-Changer

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) flights represent a huge area of opportunity for the drone industry. BVLOS refers to drone flights performed beyond the pilot’s line of sight (as opposed to Visual Line of Sight, or VLOS flights, which are performed within the pilot’s line of sight). Using First Person View (FPV) and other approaches, BVLOS is hypothetically possible right now with… Read more →

Yuneec H920Plus-Lifestyle-1

Yuneec Launches the H920 Plus

Yuneec recently announced the launch of a new commercial drone, the H920 Plus, which was built for broad commercial applications. The H920 Plus is a multirotor aerial photography and videography platform that has applications in engineering/architecture, broadcast, law enforcement, and commercial/industrial inspections. A New and Improved H920 The H920 Plus improves on the existing H920 with updated features, including: Task Modes (Orbit Me,… Read more →

Drone Swarm World Record

Ehang Blows Intel’s Drone Swarm World Record Out of the Water, Uses the Buzz to Promote Taxi Drone Launch in Dubai

Last week we wrote about Lady Gaga’s impressive Super Bowl performance, in which 300 drones created a light show to provide the backdrop for her performance, and later morphed from the Intel to the Pepsi logo. Before that performance Intel had already set two Guinness world records with their drone swarms, first with a light show of 100 drones, then… Read more →

Superbowl drones 2017

Super Bowl Drones Weren’t Flying Live, but Still Made for a Historic Night

Image Source The drones that appeared at the Super Bowl yesterday, both as a backdrop to Lady Gaga’s halftime performance (pictured above), and later for a 10-second spot where the Intel logo phased into the Pepsi logo, were not actually flying live. At the start of her halftime performance Lady Gaga appeared in front of a swirling background of light, standing on… Read more →

Inside FAA Pathfinder Program

Inside the FAA’s Pathfinder Program

If you google “FAA Pathfinder Program” or variations of these keywords the search results will include links to the “Focus Area initiative Pathfinder Program,” speeches about the launch of Pathfinder initiatives, and a link to a page on the FAA website for “Programs, Partnerships and Opportunities.” But you won’t find a link to an FAA page about the Pathfinder Program… Read more →

GoPro Karma drone

Soft Relaunch for GoPro’s Karma Drone amid Lawsuit, Terrible Quarterly Earnings Report

Without much fanfare (or really much promotion at all) GoPro has quietly added the Karma back to its website. If you remember the recall of the Karma that happened a few months back due to in-flight battery issues that caused it to crash suddenly, you might understand why GoPro wouldn’t want to do a lot of shouting about this relaunch. Why open themselves… Read more →