Author: Christian Tucci

Christian has worked in the aerial cinematography industry since the age of 12. He currently owns and operates a premier aviation and filmmaking consulting firm based on Long Island and is a Principal of Cinematic Aerospace. Christian built up Cinematic Aerospace to provide drone-based high-end aerial cinematography primarily in New York City, based on his experience with stabilized camera platforms flown from helicopters. In addition to his work at Cinematic Aerospace, Christian is the instructor of Aerial Post-Production 101, a remote course he created in partnership with UAV Coach for drone pilots looking to sharpen their post-production skills and deliver high quality finished images to their clients.
5 Color Correction Pro Tips

5 Pro Tips on Color Correction—A Necessary Part of Every (Yes, Every) Clip You Send to a Client

Isn’t it so easy these days? You have a digital camera, with amazing resolution that takes high quality images for a relatively affordable price. It records to memory cards or hard drives in individual digital files per shot. You stick it in the computer, and you can instantly watch back exactly what you want to and offload it for editing.… Read more →